10 things to consider before starting your own business

Starting your own business in any industry is a big decision with many factors to consider. For the entrepreneurial, the property industry... more »

Mental Health in Property Management

Tom Dawson, Managing Director of Alba Management Services investigates why despite increased awareness of mental health issues in society,... more »

Mental Health in the workplace

Andrew Simmonds, Managing Director of Mcilroy Smith explains the thinking behind his firm's robust Care in the Workplace policies. Every... more »

Property Leader Moves into Management

One of the property industry’s most successful and respected figures is launching a new arm to his multi-facetted business... more »

The digital shift for buy-to-let investors

Matthew Daines, co-founder of discusses how technology will change in the future to benefit both landlord and... more »

Bringing Smart Technology Into Our Homes

Networks are everywhere. Social media and the internet are bringing us ever-closer to each other, so why not bring smart technology... more »

Interior Design Trends for 2016

The advances of technological innovations coupled with creativity create modern interior design trends that are rarely permanent. A... more »

Lentworth Help You Gain Remote Control

Lentworth has launched a new IT concierge service that puts you in complete control of your home – from any location A decade... more »

Why granite and quartz worktops should be your first choice in the kitchen

 The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where friends and family can gather, have great food and talk about their day.... more »

37 Cross Street Manchester

  Small change, big difference   Flat owners at a block in Manchester were struggling to cope with high service charges... more »

A new way to watch TV

This month, Sky launches Sky Q, its next-generation home entertainment system that will connect every TV in your home for seamless... more »

Making an entrance

Why not step into Spring 2016 with a fresh new look for your block’s common parts. Over the next few pages we have put together... more »

Banish the bathroom blues

Fed up with tired tiles and sagging shelves? Then it’s time to brighten up your bathroom with a few ideas from Flat Living According... more »

Does your bathroom need a boost?

Kitchen and bathroom makeovers are high on the list of desirable home improvements. They can add more value to a property than the... more »

Gardens in the sky

At Wardian London, developer EcoWorld Ballymore is creating a luxurious living environment that brings green space within easy reach... more »

Time to light the future

The Brewery Square, developed in 2002, comprises 198 apartments in four blocks around a landscaped courtyard. It’s... more »

Balcony Barbeques - Don’t Get Your Fingers Burnt

With more people than ever living in flats without communal gardens, balcony barbequing is taking off. But is it safe? Apartments... more »

Problems with wooden floors in flats

Kevin Marshall sounds out the problem of wooden floors in flats The much publicised court case of Faidi Vs Elliott Corporation, relating... more »

Room at the top

In our last issue, Flat Living introduced readers to rooftop developer First Penthouse and looked at the first stage of their most... more »

How to gain added space in a flat or apartment

If you live in a house there are always options to extend your living space, whether it’s a conservatory, extension, loft or... more »

A place in the country

Thomas Homes’ Fair Mile development in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside is making new use of a former Victorian asylum Fair... more »

The UK is under attack from Japanese Knotweed… or is it?

Mike Clough unravels the truth about this invasive plant If you were to believe everything you read, then you may be under the impression... more »

Space saving ideas

How to gain added space in a flat or apartment If you live in a house there are always options to  extend your living space,... more »

Still cleaning your windows with cold water? Then it could be time for a change

Many people are familiar with the song When I’m Cleaning Windows, famously sung by the ukulele-playing George Formby in 1936.... more »

Communication Is Key To A Good Relationship Between Managing Agents And Their Customers

Sometimes It's Just Not That Easy, As Sue Maunder Taylor Reports When faced with an irrational or unreasonable 'won't pay, can't pay’... more »

Industrial chic interior design

GET THE LOOK….INDUSTRIAL CHIC As the obsession with vintage continues, the more masculine Industrial look has taken hold. This... more »

Bringing History to Life

CPBigwood is managing a mixed-use development in Clapham that is bringing village life back to the city Macaulay Walk in Clapham is... more »

How Much is Your Roof Worth?

Could your flat roof be earning you money? Flat Living finds out how If you’ve ever wondered whether the roof of your block... more »

Kitchen space savers

Kitchen Space Savers Keep your kitchen clear with these Space Saving ideas:- Built in peely bin In cupboard bin Surface mounted Set... more »

The Sky’s The Limit

Kevin Marshall takes a look at the increasingly popular trend for adding penthouses to blocks of flats A lot of us will have seen... more »

Work top extractors to suit compact kitchens

If you have a small kitchen, or if you are not lucky enough to have high ceilings a downdraft extractor is perfect for you. A downdraft... more »

Has The Biggest RTM Claim To-date Paid Off For Flat Owners

Flat Living readers may already be familiar with Century Wharf in Cardiff Bay. The development hit the news last year when flat owners... more »

Super Silent Washers

All flat owners know the annoyance of a noisy washing machine running in the evening. A number of manufacturers have been  trying... more »

Keep calm and carry on

Midway Insurance is taking a new approach to the way it responds to flat owners who have suffered a major loss, as Paul Robertson explains When... more »

Acoustic flooring solutions

Living in flats can sometimes be noisy!! There are companies offering new high performance flooring for those of you considering upgrading... more »

Is communal clutter giving you a headache?

Flat owners leaving their belongings in communal areas is a problem that just won't go away. Potentially the biggest impact is how... more »

Looking for a space saving bath?

However small your property, try to fit in a bath … you’ll narrow your market if all you offer is a shower” Bathtubs... more »

City Living Goes Green

Where can you find an energy efficient, city centre home? Flat Living takes a look at the Green Building to find out what Manchester... more »

Ensuites for small spaces

More and more people are finding it harder to afford a larger home, or indeed sell their current one; rather than moving many are choosing... more »

Bringing the arts back home

An exciting new mixed-use development on the Thames at Greenwich is bringing the arts right onto the doorsteps of residents at Paynes... more »

Unwanted bikes at your block? Get recycling

Flat owners leaving their belongings in communal areas is a problem that just won’t go away. Potentially the biggest impact is... more »

Crookham Park - A new lease of life

Crookham Park is taking shape on what was formerly the site of Boyce Barracks, a large military complex built in 1938 to act as the... more »

Big in Balham

We take a look inside Du Cane Court, an art deco gem in London's Balham and meet the property manager who keeps this iconic block running... more »

Banish the bathroom blues

Fed up with tired tiles and sagging shelves? Then it’s time to brighten up your bathroom with a few ideas from Flat Living According... more »

Cascades in the Docklands

The first residents to move into the Cascades apartment block in the late 1980s watched as London’s Docklands changed out of... more »

Control noise in your flat

Living in flats can sometimes be noisy!! There are companies offering new high  performance flooring for those of you considering... more »

Breathing new life into that old kitchen

Despite the fashion for large kitchen-diners, living in a flat or apartment often means making do with a small kitchen. Luckily there... more »

Make extra room for guests

Space is rarely enough when you live in a flat or apartment so using your space carefully is a must. Like many of us if you struggle... more »

Who owns London - The Great Estates

Who owns leasehold London? London is a singular city in many ways, not least because the bulk of its most expensive leasehold property... more »

One Hyde Park

One Hyde Park, the block of flats to beat all blocks of flats, was unveiled recently. Only for the super-rich and with an asking price... more »

How to recycle when you live in a flat

Recycling for flat and apartment owners has always been a challenge. Local authorities throughout the UK are  now expecting cardboard,... more »

Balls Park in Hertford

Fancy a little place in the country? Well, if you’ve got a cool £1.5 million to spend, a stunning apartment at historic... more »

Save your water in your flat

How to save water in your kitchen A lot of water is used in the kitchen and is often wasted. Most new appliances are being designed... more »

Happy First Birthday to Sreamlight Tower

In February 2012 a new development was erected in London Docklands which attracted city dwellers from all over the Capital. One year... more »

How to make the most of your outdoor space

Unless you are lucky enough to have a garden flat or a roof terrace, most apartments offer little escape from the indoors.  Therefore,... more »

Looking for a replacement for storage heaters

Replacement for storage heaters? Save 45% with dynamic storage radiators In the 60’s and 70’s many flats and apartment... more »

Industrial chic interior design

As the obsession with vintage continues, the more masculine Industrial look has taken hold. This look often incorporating metal, wood... more »

Eco friendly pads

Greenhouse development Location: Beeston Hill, South Leeds Greenhouse is a part restoration and part new-build of a  redundant... more »

Ideas for making small flats seem larger

Emma Smith comes up with some clever ideas to make small flats seem larger Some of the best things come in small packages and this... more »

Back on home turf

If you are an Arsenal fan then Highbury Square has to be the location of the home of your dreams. Designed by architect Allies and... more »

Iconic Blocks

Forbes Place, Chichester – managed by Now professional property management Forbes Place in Chichester,West Sussex, is the home... more »

One Brighton

Brighton has long been chosen as a favourite seaside location and its stated to be the “trendiest” place to live on the... more »

The beautiful game comes home

We all love looking at the homes of the rich and famous. In the first of a new series on celebrities’ flats, Flat Living took... more »

Rocklands in Newquay

Sea View Rocklands may well be sat on the top of a cliff, but Hybax Developments have made sure you’re in the centre of all... more »

The Cadogan Estate

The 8th Earl of Cadogan comes a close second to the Duke of Westminster in the London property stakes. Cadogan Estates Ltd is particularly... more »

The Howard de Walden Estate

The Howard de Walden Estate owns, manages and leases around 92 acres of property in Marylebone. This covers the streets running east... more »

The Portman Estate

To the west of Marylebone High Street, are the 110 acres of London land owned by the Portman Estate. With a history dating back to... more »