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Following in father's footsteps

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Living happily ever after?

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Grenfell and beyond

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Property Predictions from FirstPort

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Constant Friends: Adding Value in Client Service & Retention

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Robertsons book launch

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Is a new regulatory approach required for property management agents?

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Regulation déjà vu

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What does the Government White Paper on Housing have to say about leasehold issues?

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Karen Bright asks what is a Small Claim and how can I recover one?

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Trust Tax Returns

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Cinemas, gyms and bee-keeping clubs: why it’s good business to ‘create communities’ on developments

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Roger Southam asks....How do we solve the leasehold conundrum?

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Alan Walker...considers communication

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Bob Smytherman asks....What does 2016 have in store for those of us living in a leasehold flat?

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The Future of Flat Sharing

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How ethical is your business?

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Alan Walker asks - What does the next five years have in store for leaseholders?

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How much is your buy-to-let flat really worth?

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Jonathan Upton takes a look at a landmark decision that has serious consequences for flat owners going for right to manage in multi-block development

Now RTM applies to ONE self-contained block only It is common for a residential estate to comprise more than one self-contained building... more »

The Growth Conundrum

How can successful block managers ensure that profitability isn’t threatened by the cost of expansion, asks Matthew Smith? The... more »

Bob Smytherman talks about the latest accountancy regulations

RMC directors are unlikely to welcome new accountancy regulations which signal the end of filing dormant accounts. The accountancy... more »

Peter Dening Explains The Role Of The Expert Witness In Leasehold Disputes

Many people may have heard or used the term 'expert witness' but how many are actually sure what an expert witness is or what they... more »

Rosemary Reynolds at Davis Blank Furniss discusses....Property Management: General Terms of Purchase and why you need them.

Many people assume that a standard set of terms and conditions are only used in the sale of goods/ provision of services but they can... more »

Olivia Tassell asks whether a share of your freehold is really worth fighting for?

Buying a flat with a share of freehold usually means that, as well as a long lease, the purchaser will receive a share in the landlord... more »

Is a career in Property Management for you?

I was recently asked what I believed would attract more people to the Property Management Sector which at first seemed a very overwhelming... more »

Communication and Customer Service in the Residential Property Sector

A great presentation from James Biley, Marketing & Communications Director at Countrywide Estate Management, discussing communication... more »

When It Comes To Property Management, it’s vital to strike the right balance

Your favourite tunes may not always be music to your neighbour's ears. What is the link between Dolly Parton's I Will Always Love... more »

Floods: Why Are Flats Treated Differently

FPRA has been working with The British Property Federation; The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors; The Association of Residential... more »

Guarantee success in 2014 - Block Management

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Does self managing your block really save money?

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John Williams opinion on Utility Companies

I like to think I am a fairly placid person and I get on with most people, - whether they get on with me is another matter! However,... more »

Will the Green Deal work for flat owners, asks Bob Smytherman

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Fighting back against Red Tape - John Williams

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The issues facing leasehold flat owners rarely receive much public attention

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Bruce Maunder Taylor, a chartered surveyor and member of ARMA's Council, pr

On your bike! QUESTION We keep receiving letters from our managing agent telling us to remove Our bikes from the communal areas on... more »

Why leaseholders need a united voice

Why leaseholders need a united voice In the absence of support for sector reform from the government, Andrew Blair believes it’s... more »