Service Charges

What are Service Charges?

Service charges are payable by the leaseholder to the landlord for the services provided, as determined by the lease. Service charges... more »

Thinking outside of your box

Kirsten Taylor, Chartered Legal Executive at Brethertons provides a guide to the range of services provided at your block of flats. The... more »

Your at-a-glance guide to Service Charges

Leaseholders living in residential blocks are under an obligation to pay an annual service charge to their landlord to cover the cost... more »

What should you expect to see in your service charge demand?

Peter McCabe of Clear Building Management sets out what you should expect. Poor communication and a lack of transparency are... more »

How should service charges be requested?

In this article, we take a brief look at the different types of information and notices which a flat owner with a residential long... more »

A checklist for service charge demands

Residential service charge demands must comply with the terms of the lease and with a number of statutory requirements. If a demand... more »

What can my landlord do if I do not pay my service charges?

Karen Bright from Bishop & Sewell provides us with some important advice. As a leaseholder, you should remember that under... more »

Making the Service Charge More than a Dirty Word

The service charge famously has the potential to be a sore spot in the tenant-landlord relationship. You don’t have to... more »

Service charge arrangements are determined by your lease

Service charge arrangements for your flat are determined by your lease, as Christopher Last explains A service charge is an amount... more »

Rights and Obligations to be sent out with Service Charges

Management companies’ duty under the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 has been to provide leaseholders with a summary... more »

Unpleasant surprises: Service charge disputes during lease extension and collective enfranchisement claims

Written by LEASE volunteer, Tornike Purcell Senior Solicitor at Bolt Burdon. When a flat owner decides to extend their lease or... more »

What if I don't agree with my service charge demand?

It always makes sense to check your service charge demands but, before you challenge them, you need to make sure you have some understanding... more »

What to do about Service Charge Arrears

The Credit Crunch, Credit Control and Zero Tolerance In these days when ‘the credit crunch’ is a well used expression,... more »

How to recover outstanding Service Charges

The leaseholder is required by the terms of their lease to pay the service charges and ground rent as determined by their lease in... more »

What should we do if a leaseholder does not pay their Service Charges?

The leaseholder is required by the terms of their lease to pay the service charges and ground rent as determined by their lease in... more »

When things go wrong with Service Charges

John Mills, a technical consultant to ARMA, looks at some typical situations where things can go wrong for directors of resident management... more »

In dispute with your landlord over your service charges

So you’re in dispute with your landlord over your service charge. Now what do you do? Elaine Dobson and Helen Matthews talk readers... more »

What is ground rent?

As leasehold occupation of a property is basically a long term tenancy then a payment of rent is usually required to be paid to the... more »

What is the service charge residential management code?

The fully updated Code is approved by the Secretary of State for England under the terms of section 87 of the Leasehold Reform, Housing... more »

New rules for service charge accounting

Important new guidance on accounting and reporting in relation to residential service charge accounts has just been released and is... more »

How do you recover debts from someone living outside the UK?

How do you recover debts from someone living outside the UK? Andrew McBirnie offers an insight into a tricky leasehold issue. Being... more »