What is an annual return?

It is a form that every Residents Management Company (RMC) must send to Companies House each year.

The form includes information about the company for example its members, directors etc.

The annual return is not related to the annual accounts. The RMC must complete the annual return accurately to a particular date known as the ‘made-up date’. This is a date not later than:

    * 12 months after the date of the made-up date of the previous annual return;


    * in the case of a company’s first annual return, the anniversary of the date of incorporation.

The annual return together must reach Companies House within 28 days after its made-up date. The fee is £15 when submitted electronically (or £30 when submitted on paper).

Companies House will send out information to the RMC’s registered address when the annual return is due and will advise on how to submit the return to them.