Managing Contractors. Planning, your responsibilities & training


Many accidents involving contractors have happened because of a failure to plan the job properly i.e. taking account of health and safety aspects which are likely to arise.

A risk assessment needs to be made and communicated to all involved.

For high risk operations such as working at heights, the contractor should be asked to prepare and then work to a written method statement.

Clear Responsibilities

The work to be done, the areas in which the contractors can operate, together with what can and cannot be done, should be clearly defined.

This is normally done in the form of ‘Site Rules for Contractors’, usually printed as a leaflet.

This should be kept as simple and ‘user friendly’ as possible and it is essential that the contractors on site actually doing the work are aware of the contents.

Getting signed receipts on issue of these leaflets is strongly recommended.


Even if they are fully competent specialists, contractors will still need some training or induction if they are to appreciate the special features and hazards they may come across whilst working at your premises.

Individual records of training/induction given should be kept.