Employing Contractors

Legal duties when employing contractors

A lack of control of contractors can and does lead to many accidents and injuries not only to contractors employees, but also the other... more »

How to select and employ contractors

In its widest sense the term ‘’contractor‘’ does not merely refer to building contractors. It includes any... more »

Managing Contractors. Planning, your responsibilities & training

Planning Many accidents involving contractors have happened because of a failure to plan the job properly i.e. taking account of health... more »

Managing Contractors while on site

Method Statements are vital to ensure that each party to the work understand their responsibilities, you need to establish in writing... more »

Employing Safe Contractors for Maintenance

Dr Shaun Lundy from 4site Consulting provides some essential advice All blocks require maintaining and sometimes that work is essential... more »

Are your Contractors Safe for Site?

Katie Mooney, Social Media Executive at 4site Consulting asks are your contractors safe for site? When you’re having major works... more »

Safety, Technology and Property Management

This month Katie Mooney from 4site Consulting explains how 4site have developed technology to assist property managers and RMCs. Technology... more »

Health and Safety at Work - Safe Contractors

Gregg Masters, Managing Director at 4site Consulting advises on employing contractors and making sure they are competent. When employing... more »

Health and Safety Considerations beyond the obvious...instructing a contractor

Fiona Togher BSc (Hons) MRICS, Partner at at Hamilton Darcey looks at responsibilities and considerations when instructing a contractor. As... more »