What safety signs does our block need?

For any Residents Management Company (RMC) that employs staff, for example cleaners etc the installation of safety signs is part of their legal responsibility to ensure their employees’ and the general public’s health, safety and welfare at work.

The health and safety law states that an employer must make the workplace safe and without risks. Safety signs are required to alert people to the hazards around them and to show safe working procedures.


There are a number of styles of safety signs. The use of a certain type depends on the message that the sign carries.

  • Green Signs can either tell people the location of certain safety equipment, like first aid equipment, where fire exits are located.
  • Red Signs are used solely to show the location of fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment.
  • Blue Circles give orders: you need to do whatever is written on the sign. In flats a prime example would be a fire action notice.
  • Red Circles with a diagonal line through show that you cannot do whatever is shown on the sign. For example, No smoking signs.
  • Yellow Triangles are used to make people aware of something that is dangerous, for example asbestos.
  • Blue mandatory signs are required for doors that need to be kept shut for fire safety reasons, for example, fire doors.

Many places of work now require health and safety signs by law. Signs are used to ensure that they are “multi-lingual” so whatever the language of your flat owner, employee or visitor they can be quickly understood. Various Fire Safety Signs are available to purchase from www.flat-living.co.uk’s online shop.

To see a list of the signs available please visit our online shop.