Fire Regulation

Since 1st October 2006 every block of flats will require a fire safety risk assessment. Again this applies to common parts, not to the inside of any flats and is an obligation on the landlord. Fire Officers will be able to enter any block of flats to inspect, ask to see the risk assessment and issue enforcement notices to improve fire safety should the need arise.

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Fire Risk Assessments - FAQs

What is a fire risk assessment?  A fire risk assessment is a check of a building for fire risks. All blocks of flats and large... more »

What You Need to Know About Type 4 Fire Risk Assessments

Katie Mooney, Brand & Marketing Executive at 4site Consulting, answers some of the most frequently asked questions the team receive... more »

Fire Risk Assessments - what you need to know

A Fire Risk Assessment should include a thorough inspection of managed communal areas of property which not only identify Fire hazards... more »

Fire Safety Regulations

Since 1st October 2006 every block of flats will require a fire safety risk assessment. Again this applies to common parts, not to... more »

Putting Fire Safety at the Top of your Agenda

I’ve worked in property related risk management for many years dealing with everything from asbestos, legionella to general health... more »

Are Destructive Fire Risk Assessments required in my Property?

Shaun Lundy from 4site Consulting looks at the different types of fire risk assessments that can be carried out in blocks of flats We... more »

Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Doors

By Manjit Rai – Legal Adviser at LEASE: Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, (“the 2005 Order”)... more »

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Asides from being the catchy tag line from the eponymously titled track by The Clash, this has been the very question on the lips of... more »

The Corridors of Power - Fire Safety in Common Parts

So, who controls your corridors and common parts? The corridors and common parts are effectively owned by the freeholder with the leaseholder... more »

Fire safety in light of Grenfell

In the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, the government commissioned an independent review with a view to considering the current Building... more »

An insurers view  Fire safety post Grenfell - Paul Robertson Investigates

Post the tragic events at Grenfell last year many insurers have remained unusually quiet on the obvious topics of fire safety in blocks... more »

Fire safety and asbestos in leasehold flats - duties and who pays?

Health and safety in blocks of flats, and in particular, fire safety risk assessments, are very much on the radar following the tragic... more »

Ensuring Residents Feel Safe in their Homes

Peter Dunsby talks us through three frequently found fire hazards. You’ve surely heard that in the wake of the Grenfell... more »

Time for action: lessons from Grenfell Tower

In the light of the horrific fire in West London in June, it is time to overhaul the fire assessment regime for flats says 1st Sure... more »

Safety checks on private residential blocks

Advice from Department for Communities and Local Government 21 June 2017: Letter from Melanie Dawes CB, Permanent Secretary Department... more »

Time For Action

So you've received your fire risk assessment report – what now? Gregg Masters looks at the steps property managers and RMC directors... more »

Know your fire plan

The London Fire Brigade have recently launched a new campaign to educate residents in flats and apartments of their route of ecape,... more »

Smoke free regulations. How do they apply to your RMC?

It was Summer 2007 when Britain went smoke free and the publicity was such that anyone who doesn’t know that it is against the... more »

Do we need Fire Extinguishers?

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 has been applicable to most properties since 2006. It is the legal duty of the Residents... more »

Buy No Smoking Signs for your block

Purchase No Smoking Signs for your block especially designed for use in communal areas Buy online or we can send you an invoice... more »

When is a fire risk assessor a fire risk assessor?

Who is the competent person when it comes to completing fire risk assessments? The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO)... more »

Is your block a fire trap?

Flat owners may be lulled into a false sense of security that their block has been the subject of a fire risk assessment while forgetting... more »

Do we need smoke detectors?

Smoke detectors in your flat or apartment will provide you and your family with much benefit in an emergency situation most importantly... more »

Is your home a firetrap?

Flat owners may be lulled into a false sense of security that their block has been the subject of a fire risk assessment while forgetting... more »

Fire Safety Guidance from LACORS

Fire safety within the home is an extremely important issue, especially in mixed use premises and where unrelated occupiers, who live... more »

12% of apartment blocks under serious fire hazard threat

A large-scale fire hazards inspection on 500 blocks in London and the South East of England reveals an alarming 12 per cent are under... more »

Cardinus awarded BAFE 'GOLD' Fire Risk Assessment Certification

Cardinus Risk Management is delighted to announce that we have been successfully assessed and granted the highest standard 'Gold' certification... more »

Prosecutions rise for inadequate fire standards

Following the first prison sentence handed out for breaches in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, according to the Fire Industry... more »

Fire Doors, So What?

What fire doors do Fire doors save lives and property They are part of a building’s passive fire protection system and... more »

Interest in fire doors reignited by major industry initiative

Fire Door Safety Week makes a return this year following a hugely successful launch in 2013. The campaign will take place between 15... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Fire Safety In Purpose-Built Blocks of Flats

This guide aims to ensure adequate fire safety in purpose-built blocks of flats. It offers practical advice on how to assess the risk... more »