60 seconds with Desmond Moreira

This month we had the pleasure of catching up with Desmond Moreira. As well as being the Managing Director of Habitare, he’s also a speaker, podcaster and trainer who is making a name for himself in the industry with his straight talking views.

Find out what Desmond has been up to in 2019 so far and his plans for collaboration in the industry.

What have you been up to recently?
Good question, well 2019 I really wanted to get into public speaking and become a beating drum for the collaboration in the industry. Fortunately, a few promoters gave me a chance to speak at their events and it has kind gone from there.

When I talk to peers over the years I realised that there is this massive appetite for education, particularly soft skills, So I thought well, why don’t I share what I have learnt. It won’t be for everyone, but for those that’s it’s for, it will be beneficial.

I have noticed you speaking at quite a few events in 2019, how’s that going?
I love speaking now at events, as a speaker you have a unique platform to inspire, educate or challenge your audience, and hopefully shift the thinking from one place to another.

It’s going really well and I have had some fab feedback, and I am extremely grateful to LMP, Flat Living, and others who gave me a chance.

You have one of the only PODCASTS in block management that I know of, How’s the podcast going?
#More with Moreira! Sorry had to get that in. I have to say I am really enjoying the podcast. I think I wanted to be a Radio DJ in a former life and always felt like that was my calling. So the podcast, weirdly I think, gives me the sense of freedom that allows me to talk about anything, unscripted, unedited.

The purpose is the same as with speaking at events, Inspire, Educate and maybe challenge your thinking. I believe personal development is everyone’s responsibility, and the podcast is aimed at helping my peers on that journey.

What was your inspiration behind the block managers boardroom?
I had the idea of the boardroom for over a year, but it was not the right time for me. Speaking at events has allowed me to travel, speak to agents all over the UK, and meet some fantastic people. I believe in ‘pooling’ resources, sharing knowledge, and fast tracking progress. The way we can accelerate this growth is through peer to peer support and collaboration. The Block Managers Boardroom creates the environment for this to happen.

Find out about how to get involved with Block Managers Boardroom here.

What will be the benefit of attending?
Firstly, you will be speaking to and meeting some great people, with lots of experience. Secondly, you will be creating a really powerful network. Some believe your network is your net worth.

Either way, building relationships with your peers could be the most powerful thing you do in your career, and unlike other events, this is part of its core purpose and intention, its creating the environment for this to happen. Imagine being able to call on a group of peers when you have a problem for their input? Imagine getting feedback on an idea?

This level of collaboration could change everything for you.

Agents often see each other as competition, how do you see other agents?
A future business partner, an amazing resource, a key partner in helping me achieve my goals. Other agents should not be seen as the competition only, when they can be far more than that.

The knowledge we could share to improve decision making, the resources we could share to drive efficiency mean if you don’t collaborate, you're missing out and so is your business. The untapped potential in this market is crazy, and we all could do so much better if we opened up, shared, and begun a process working together.

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