ARMA Advisory Note - ARMA Consumer Charter and Standards

From January 2015 all ARMA members must operate according to the principles contained in the Consumer Charter and meet the requirements of the Standards. The aim being to raise standards of residential leasehold management through independent regulation, a Consumer Charter and Standards that are specific to managing agents.

Together with the requirements set out in ARMA's Articles of Association and Bye-Laws, these will form the rules of ARMA membership. Corporate conduct of ARMA members is set out in the Bye-Laws, relevant aspects of which are available separately.

This document sets out the Consumer Charter and Standards and is intended to be read
by landlords, leaseholders, occupiers and managing agents of residential leasehold property. To ensure that it maintains its effectiveness readers are invited to make comments in writing to ARMA so that its contents can be kept under review.

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Revised August 2019