NOD: auto-notification for block life safety systems

Introducing NOD, technology for the future from Future Fire Systems.

Want to be notified instantly if your life safety systems are faulty? Now block managers can monitor the installations at a single site or across a whole portfolio with Future Fire Systems’ new easy-to-use auto-notification tool NOD.

The device can be quickly and easily retro-fitted into existing fire alarm panels. It will monitor your systems in real-time, sending signals to a cloud-based mobile app or web portal via a 4G SIM.

Fire and fault signals are presented as easily understood status icons, so that alarm notifications can be actioned immediately.

This reduces critical time delays, giving residents complete peace of mind that their block is being monitored at all times.

If you would like to find out more about NOD and what it can do for you and the blocks that you manage, speak to the team at Future Fire Systems.