Major Works Projects

Dont Paper Over the Cracks When it Comes to Car Parks

Residential and mixed-use developments often have underground car parks and it is important that these functional parts of the building... more »

Why should we spend money on professional fees for major works?

In our experience, omitting professional fees from a major works project can often be a false economy. Professionals can undertake... more »

Consider the Services to Improve Your Service

In previous articles, Hamilton Darcey have championed the implementation of Planned Maintenance Programmes (PMP) reports to effectively... more »

Gates and Railings - Do You Need Planning Consent?

Fiona Togher, Partner at Hamilton Darcey, provides some guidance around planning permission for the installation of gates and... more »

Do I need planning permission to change the windows in my flat?

As a general rule you should not need planning permission if you are fitting windows which are identical, like-for-like replacements.... more »

Points to consider when starting projects and alterations

These projects may be, amongst others, leaseholder alterations, communal area refurbishment works or submitting a planning application... more »

Planning Your Expenditure

Fiona Togher, Partner at Hamilton Darcey looks at how and why you should be planning your future expenditure. As I write this article... more »

How to approach major works

Chris Cooper, Director at Hamilton Darcey looks at the top considerations when embarking on major works projects. In this article... more »

Prevent Major Works from becoming a major legal problem: Pointers on Section 20

Richard Owen is an Associate at JB Leitch who acts for landlords and management companies in respect of a variety of property management... more »

Section 20 - is it reasonable?

Nicola McAndrew from Residentsline investigates. Please note that for the purposes of this article, any reference to the “landlord”... more »

Section 20 Consultation - What happens if the specification changes?

By Evelyne Oshian and Naana Nkansa-Dwamena – Legal Advisers at LEASE Are you a leaseholder who has been consulted about major... more »

Broadband: Rolling out Ultra-Fast Fibre

Tim Peters is the Sales Director at ECO Matters. Following a successful career as a Commercial Director working on projects with local... more »

Flat Roofs: Typical Defects & How to Deal With Them

Flat roofs are roofs that have a pitch of typically 1-12.5 degrees, explains Toby Bowser, Partner at Chartered Building Surveyors Hamilton... more »

Reinstating the obvious...make sure your building is insured to the correct value

Chris Cooper MRICS MCIArb, Partner at Hamilton Darcey looks at the importance of a reinstatement cost assessment for your building. What... more »

An overview of Major Works and Section 20

Belinda Thorpe, Managing Director of Residentsline, provides an overview of what you need to know about Major Works and Section 20. Major... more »

How To Manage Your Major Works

Darren Waitson, CEO and Founder of Nirvana Maintenance addresses ways in which you can manage Major Works. Major Works. Are you recoiling... more »

What to do before repairing the roof (or other major works)

Nicholas Kissen, Senior Legal Advisor at LEASE looks at what to do to ensure you keep within the law and do not find yourself out of... more »

A planned maintenance programme could save you time and money

The vagaries of the English weather together with day-to-day wear and tear mean that all buildings deteriorate over time. Changes to... more »

Repairing Historic Windows

New guidance from Historic England, Traditional Windows: their care, repair and upgrading, is not to replace windows in listed buildings... more »

Is your project being managed properly?

Combining a Chartered Building Surveyor’s skillset with core project management methodology offers clients well rounded technical... more »

How to: replace your roof

There are times when, despite the best maintenance plan, you will need to invest in a new roof. Here are the key steps to making the... more »

Planned Maintenance

Plan your maintenance proactively and reap the rewards of your efforts – don’t just bury your head in the sand Never put... more »

The top 10 block management oversights on major works

When the management of a large residential block in London realised that the building needed serious attention, they were faced with... more »

Windows: Repair Or Replace

Windows are some of the most prominent, public-facing features of any building, from period properties to modern office blocks. How... more »

Top 10 tips for making the most of your roof

1 Have a maintenance plan It is surprisingly common for residential blocks to either not have a plan in place or the existing plan... more »

Planning for Maintenance is the key to successfully funding Major Works

Planning for Maintenance is the key to successfully funding Major Works How far ahead should property managers and boards of directors... more »

Appointing a project manager/surveyor

The vagaries of the English weather together with day-to-day wear and tear mean that all buildings deteriorate over time. Changes to... more »

Replacement Windows

Where a property is divided into flats, no ‘permitted development rights’ exist, so the replacement of, or alteration to... more »