Communal Cleaning

First Impressions Count

How keeping your buildings looking clean and fresh can increase revenue You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression... more »

Private Rented Sector and Social Housing Cleaning

Client Liason at West Clean, Marlon looks at the different cleaning requirements in PRS and Social Housing. There are three types... more »

Gutter Maintenance Made Simple

Now you can make gutter maintenance simple with a vacuum method that keeps costs to a minimum. Keeping gutters clear and free flowing... more »

Condensation too often confused with damp

Condensation is too often confused with rising damp by tenants according to the Residential Lettings Property Management team at CPBigwood. CPBigwood... more »

How to appoint a cleaning company

In this article, we will address the following: Problems associated with estate management The process of selecting a suitable... more »


What is condensation? Condensation is a situation where moisture is deposited on cooler surfaces, such as external walls of a building... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Condensation

Condensation can cause real problems if left uncontrolled. Apart from running water on the inside of windows and walls, it can also... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Carrying out your own work to your block

If you live in a smaller blocks of flats, particularly if it's self- managed, you or your fellow leaseholders may want to carry out... more »

Appointing a cleaning company - case study

  Specialist cleaning contractor Beechwood recently pulled out all the stops to help residents in a London block who had become... more »