What can I do if I have a dispute with my landlord or tenants?

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What is involved in going to the First-tier Tribunal?

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Managing the managing agent

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The Consultation Process - I only have to pay £250?

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Replacing a communal boiler or heating system

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No more hidden fees for residential tenants

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Choosing the right solicitor

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Litigation in Uncertain Times

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All change in residential leasehold: the Consultation: Are we moving towards significant reforms in this area?

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Forfeiture: Leasehold Unfairness?

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How to get the best from your managing agent

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The Property Ombudsman - Complaint relating to parking and outdoor space

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What should our managing agent do about our nuisance neighbour?

Home sweet home. The one place where we can properly relax and switch off. Unless of course the folk in the flat above have got their... more »

What is the Housing Disrepair Protocol?

In most leases, the landlord is obliged to repair, maintain and insure the exterior, structure and common parts of the building divided... more »

First Tier Tribunal

ALEP, the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners, represents trusted and vetted professionals experienced in the residential... more »

Service Charge Disputes  and how to avoid them

Service Charge Disputes – and how to avoid them Here are some points to consider if you are involved in (or are trying to... more »

Unpleasant surprises: Service charge disputes during lease extension and collective enfranchisement claims

By LEASE volunteer, Tornike Purcell, Senior Solicitor at Bolt Burdon. When a flat owner decides to extend their lease or to join together... more »

Unreasonable insurance premiums?

Anastasia Mavroudis is a Solicitor in the Dispute Resolution team at Bishop & Sewell.  Cos Services Ltd... more »

Additions to a buildings original structure in breach of covenant

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Residential Service Charge Consultation and Sub Tenants

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Basement Excavations: High Court Case Sets New Planning Precedent

Karen Bright from Bishop & Sewell LLP advises The recent high court case of Eatherley-v-London Borough of Camden and Another at... more »

What do I need to consider when making alterations in my leasehold residential property?

Karen Bright from Bishop & Sewell clarifies Lease covenants Lease covenants about alterations usually fall into two categories,... more »

Residential Service Charge Consultation and Sub Tenants

Stuart Merrison of Bishop & Sewell LLP discusses the recent case of the Leaseholders of Foundling Court and O’Donnell Court... more »

I have a judgment but the debtor has not paid, what are my options?

Karen Bright from Bishop & Sewell looks at creditor enforcement options Obtaining a county court judgment does not always result... more »

Problems with short term or holidays lets

Karen Bright from Bishop & Sewell looks at the recent increase in short term holiday renting in England. There has been an increase... more »

What is a Small Claim and how can I recover one?

The recovery of money from a debtor is often a stressful process. In the current economic climate it presents a real possibility that... more »

How do we apply to the FTT?

The First-tier Tribunal (FTT) requires a form to be completed which will be reviewed by chosen Tribunal members who may be surveyors,... more »

What is the First-tier Tribunal?

An application to a First-tier Tribunal (FTT) is available to leaseholders to provide an independent body who are able to review... more »

Taking a case to the FTT is a daunting experience, or is it?

Recently I have spent a considerable amount of time dealing with the FTT. This is not something I would particularly recommend unless... more »

How much does it cost to apply to the FTT?

An application to the First-tier Tribunal (FTT) has various charges, subject to the reason for the application. To find out what... more »

Disputes on the increase

Michael Lee asks why more leaseholders are taking their service charge problems to the FTT? In the last three years, the number of... more »

Can I appeal against a FTT decision?

An appeal can be made to the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber), but only once permission is granted by the First-tier Tribunal (FTT) which... more »

Lessees count the cost of FTT's

Taking your dispute to the FTT should always be considered a last resort, warns Konrad Grosse who, together with his fellow residents,... more »

More people are making applications to the First-tier Tribunal

It is inevitable in a recession that people will consider it worthwhile trying to protect their hard-earned money by challenging the... more »