The Future of Flat Sharing

London, UK - EasyRoommate CEO Albin Serviant has explored the state of the current housing crisis, the concept of the so-called “sharing generation”, and the exciting new features coming to EasyRoommate in 2016. He explains that there are a number of pressures on the housing market in the UK (and in London in particular) that are causing potential home-owners and prospective private-renters to turn to flat sharing.

Using over 20 years’ experience and data in the flatsharing economy we have complied in detail predictions and the trends to expect in 2016

Examples cited include the dire housing shortage (the ratio of available properties compared with the number of people on the hunt for somewhere to live is a staggering 1:9), and the growing number of young professionals being asked by their companies to relocate for a short, contracted time period.

According to Mr Serviant, this has created the sharing generation, which spans from students, through to young professionals and those in their 30s and 40s, with the average age of 27.5. 

EasyRoommate confirm that the average monthly flat share rent for London is £697.00, compared with the average monthly private rental costs of £1,500 for a flat or house. The sharing generation need flexible accommodation wherever they are in the world, they need it to be affordable, and they need it at a moment’s notice. EasyRoommate has explained they are committed to providing this.