Is a career in Property Management for you?

I was recently asked what I believed would attract more people to the Property Management Sector which at first seemed a very overwhelming question to answer universally. Having given it some thought however and put pen to paper I share below my thoughts…..

" I think all conscious career paths start with passion and therefore the key to recruiting more talent within the Leasehold Property Management Sector is recognising and nurturing that passion. In some individuals, the passion itself is hidden within our subconscious & it takes a specific chain of events to recall consciously your enthusiasm. But however the realisation occurs, change will unfold to navigate you to your destiny.

Consider this - those entering the world of retail will adore clothing, gadgets etc, the thrill of a sale, customer service. For property, a parallel might be an appreciation for maintenance, law/legislation, credit control, the desire to turn a project around from the depths of despair or even to negotiate/mediate.

Everyone should be passionate about their work - it is the key to happiness at work and at home, to achieving a healthy balance! There are a number of key reasons why I enjoy my work and these same reasons, shared below, should be more readily advertised to attract more individuals to choose Leasehold as their own CHOSEN career path.

In the world of Leasehold property specifically, there is ample opportunity for those with the inclination to be involved in campaigning, or even sphere-heading, much needed development and revision of legislation & practical management. This in itself is a massive motivator for me as I have recognised over the years, pitfalls in current practise and grown to understand the complexities of implementing existing regulation.

It excites me to know that my commitment to improving the face of Leasehold could one day be instrumental to significant change - an opportunity not commonly available in such a long standing sector.

Property Management is also a growing requirement, evolving with ownership and management types but remaining essential. This makes it an exciting and also secure career choice and also means there is a growing need for specialist "professionals" as opposed to those retiring from more physical roles in property or crossing over from related, but equally specialist fields. Presently, experienced and qualified Property Managers are in short supply and as such command a respectable salary and benefits. This also means those within the industry, Property Manager’s will be privy to many attractive job opportunities and that employers will value and reward dedication and loyalty.

Every new generation brings with it a fresh wave of aptitude exceeding their predecessors and with this in mind, Property Management is again an attractive profession requiring individuals to have a vast and varied skill base & technical understanding to cross the multitude of areas covered - repairs, Health & Safety, conveyance, people management to name a few. Young, aspirational employees are supported with training and enrolled in accreditations to recognise their technical ability and understanding. These qualifications build confidence and Continuing Personal Development ensures these skills as well as "soft skills" continue to be nurtured and realised.

The result of this eclectic & disciplined role is another selling point. There is always regular opportunity to interact with a variety of other professionals day to day to increase your knowledge, as well as develop key career & business contacts and opportunities. Conferences, seminars and networking events hosted for the sector are also well attended, encouraging healthy competition and camaraderie.

Needless to say as a fundamental requirement in everyone's basic existence; ranked top in Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, there is also much to be gained from this profession when considering our own home, let alone one's wider property portfolio. I myself gleaned much through my experience in Leasehold, of use when making the decision to buy my first home and it needn't be a Flat. Property Managers work with shared freehold estates, tackle boundary issues, work with Surveyors & contractors on intricate building repairs/issues and painstakingly respond to complex pre contract enquiries to ensure every purchaser is aware of what they are buying, committing to adhere to, pay and refrain from. A Property Manager is a savvy homeowner in my experience, one with plenty of useful connections and an eye for detail.

Don’t miss your opportunity to "beat the crowd" and join the family. A warm welcome awaits you."

Written by Lauren Wadey MIRPM, AssocRICS

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All views & opinions are my own