Leasehold Block Management White Paper reveals 500m impact on UK economy

13th June 2019
Leasehold Block Management White Paper reveals £500m impact on UK economy

ARMA (the Association of Residential Managing Agents) has produced a White Paper Report: An Overview of the Residential Block Property Management Sector in England and Wales which reveals that the sector contributes £500m to the UK economy. 

The Report provides a comprehensive overview of the sector, including key statistics such as: market size and tenure, service charges, managing agent industry breakdown, profitably, contribution to UK economy, etc. In a time of unprecedented change in the sector and increased focus on the leaseholders’ voice, it also outlines ARMA’s position on the regulation of managing agents and leasehold reform.

ARMA’s CEO, Dr Nigel Glen, said: “Really, we’ve compiled the Report as a valuable reference tool to help interested parties - either those working directly in the sector or those involved in research - find out more and demystify the sector. The Report contains a rich vein of data, some of which was already available - just not all in the same place - and some from ARMA research and sources further afield”.