The launch of Flat, a unique, specialist estate agency

30th May 2019
The launch of Flat, a unique, specialist estate agency

Every great idea stems from identifying a problem and that is where the concept for Flat was formed, a newly launched estate agency with specialist knowledge and expertise focussed on  leasehold property. 

Colin Horton, CEO and Founder said ‘We decided to only sell Flats, nothing else.   We are Award Winning Leasehold Surveyors and what better pitch than purely specialising in Flats and being experts in Leasehold Valuation.  We are not just a typical pin stripe wearing estate agent who is only focused on that glitzy £million+ detached property. We simply sell Flats because selling Flats isn’t simple and we do it beautifully.’

Gulsun Shevket, Head of Sales continued ‘Transparency for too long has been a word disassociated with Estate Agents and we want to change that, advising sellers before they sell of any issues in their lease such as onerous ground rents or restrictive covenants which may force a sale to fall out of bed at the last minute and in turn cost the vendor thousands. We call our expert opinion and advice the aptly named Leasehold MOT which is unique to Flat, you wouldn’t want to sell a car without an MOT why should a Flat be any different.’

Based on their own experiences of buying and selling flats everything has been designed from the customer perspective, and this new company have bold plans with future offices in Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester.   The team have a firm belief that they will become the go to brand for selling flats.

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