LEASE announces launch of Project Open Door data sharing

2nd April 2019
LEASE announces launch of Project Open Door  data sharing

The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) is pleased to announce today (2nd April, 2019) that it is making available data from its extensive database on Residential Leasehold enquiries.

LEASE’s interim Chair, Wanda Goldwag, stated that “LEASE in its role as a provider of advice on Residential Leasehold law naturally collates vast amounts of data, some of which is likely to be of interest to a wider audience. With the hard work of our staff, and the invaluable contributions from our Advisory Board, we are now making that data available to the world.” 

Chief Executive Anthony Essien further commented “LEASE firmly believes that in sharing the data we will be helping to educate, inform and empower leaseholders”.

Data is freely available on LEASE’s website ( It is the most current, relevant and comprehensive data relating to real issues being experienced by those in residential leasehold properties. In addition to a summary page, summarising the past five year’s data for those categories with the largest number of enquiries, the geographic region from which the enquiries originate, and the type of property (flat or house) about which enquiries are made, the underlying data is available to download as a csv file.

Following the first release, LEASE intends to publish data quarterly thereafter with the data offering being shaped through LEASE’s continuing collaboration with the likes of the Law Commission and the National Leasehold Campaign, representatives from both of whom currently sit as members of the project’s advisory board.