Askporter launches new look after securing backing from Google

7th March 2019
Askporter launches new look after securing backing from Google

Property management platform askporter has rebranded, the first major change in its identity since the company launched in 2017. The new askporter branding reflects the company’s innovative and fresh approach to property management and has been rolled out across its website and social media platforms this week. Askporter is an AI driven property management platform with Porter at its heart, an AI digital assistant who eliminates mundane tasks and delivers instant, efficient customer service.

The rebrand comes at a significant time for askporter, who since receiving backing from Google as part of their Google Assistant Investment Program late last year, are now set to launch their ‘Porter Pioneers’ project in the coming weeks. This will see them partner with 15 property agencies and institutional landlords across residential, commercial and other specialist property sectors. Lasting six months, the programme will allow the askporter technical and property team to automate their unique workflows and challenges.

CEO and Co-Founder of the company, Tom Shrive, says: "We felt that with our recent investment milestones and impending launch of our Pioneers Programme, that it was time to look at the askporter brand. It was a brand that my Co-founder Sam and I had very quickly scratched together during the second week of PiLabs, who are Euorpe’s first property VC firm that played a part in our initial funding, when we realised our original name 'AskPam' was already trademarked. AskPam originally stood for Property Account Manager - in retrospect it's a good job the name was taken!”

Tom continues: “We quickly decided that we loved the askporter name. For us, the 'ask' symbolises the 'instant response on request' aspect of residents and occupants interacting though our platform. We did however decide that the identity and style needed to be updated to make the brand more representative of our ambitions. The 'a' of askporter takes the form of a stylised 'chat bubble' that can be displayed in our clients colours on their websites and apps. We feel it is representative of our partner driven approach and works independently of the wordmark 'askporter’”.

The new askporter branding is an accurate depiction of the company itself with key colours comprising of electric purple with the addition of black and white to convey a premium feel with an energetic edge. The black and white in particular demonstrate the clean, no-nonsense aspects of askporter’s approach to its clients and product.  At the core sits ‘Porter,’ a digital artificial intelligence assistant for agents, property managers, and landlords that eliminates mundane tasks & delivers fast, efficient customer service.

The branding has been designed to reflect this fresh approach to property management. From one single platform, property & facilities managers, and landlords, can automate their workflows with AskPorter which over time learns and improves how they work in a completely customisable way. For tenants & occupants, Porter provides a 24/7 response accessible by text, voice & more providing them with a personal concierge.

The askporter rebrand has been masterminded by Goji Graphics. Their founder, Rob Rivett, says: “I set out to create a striking and energetic identity that speaks heaps about the brand at hand, while maintaining a minimal digestible style that can make a home in the tech and property industries. The askporter rebrand effortlessly pulls it off and more”.

For further details, please visit and to apply to the Porter Pioneers programme please email: