Den Automation launches its Smart Home product range in the UK after raising 5 million in funding

24th January 2019
Den Automation launches its Smart Home product range in the UK after raising £5 million in funding
  • Den Automation was founded by Yasser Khattak in 2014 at the age of 17. He remains the youngest founder to ever raise funds on Seedrs
  • Den is the first and only brand who have designed smart light switches and socket outlets, without changing the way they look, enabling consumers to control them remotely and by hand as normal
  • Den’s smart device suite is controllable via the SmartPhone App, Amazon Echo and Google Home hubs from launch

Den, the startup reinventing the common switch, has announced its latest funding round of £2m, bringing its total investment to £5 million. The company also launched a suite of smart products designed to change the way we control and monitor electrical equipment, lighting and power usage in the home.

Notable investors include Thomas James, investor in ZenDesk, the Founder of Computers Unlimited, James Sanson, YESSS Group, the parent company of YESSS Electrical which is the UK’s fastest growing electrical wholesalers with over 100 branches in the UK, Mark Davies, a founding member of Betfair and Ian Marchant, former CEO at SSE for 10 years.

Den’s vision is to use smart home devices to change the way we control and monitor power usage in homes. Its first wave of products includes Smart Light Switches, Smart Sockets, Motion Sensor, Smart Remote and Den’s Smart Home Hub. Den also includes its revolutionary Smart Tags for tracking the location of appliances even if they are moved around the home & monitoring appliance power usage - whether laptops or phones from room to room or the location of high-risk appliances like irons and hair-straighteners, Den can track them at all times.

Den is the only firm in the world with the patent for truly smart switches and plugs that fit seamlessly into the home - deliberately identical to the plugs and switches the UK is most used to. Den deliberately adds modern tech driven functionality without changing the habits and rules of the household.

Den’s Founder and Chairman, Yasser Khattakcomments on the newly launched product range saying that,“Conventional light switches and socket outlets have been around for more than 100 years and have barely changed - we’re not the first to build wireless switches, they have been available for more than 20 years, however every single wireless switch in the world today has replaced the switch we’re familiar with for buttons or touch pads that are complicated and hard to use. We’re the only company in the world who’ve built wireless switches without taking away the original switch we’re so familiar with. Super excited having released products today. We are looking forward to following up with additional features and products in the coming months and years.”

All devices can be controlled and monitored via a smartphone app, and can integrate with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home as of today. Den’s Smart Tags allow users to track which appliances are draining the most energy and alert users to safety concerns. In the case of irons and hair straighteners, for example, Den can inform users about what they’ve left running too long, and if not responded to, automatically switch them off.

The idea of Den was that of Yasser Khattak in 2012, when tasked with going around the family home powering off lights and appliances. At just 15 years old, he saw an opportunity for change. Khattak believed there must be a more efficient way to control power in the home, being able to turn things off with a single tap. This firmly planted the vision of connecting everything on his evening route to an integrated smartphone app. Since then, Khattak has built Den from a one-man operation into a team of 28 in the UK and Poland. Central to the company’s vision from the onset has been the core ideal of inclusive design, adding extra functionality that works for everyone, be they able-bodied users, or people with physical or mental impairments.

The latest round of funding will be used in the production of the next range of devices for the home, which will include Den’s Smart Dimmer Switches as well as the entire range with chromed metal finishes. Funds will also be used to expand operations and the team, to enable further product integrations such as Homekit and explore opportunities with further integrations like IFTTT.

Speaking on the new round of investment, Founder and Chairman Yasser Khattak commented: “Since we first announced Den to the market four years ago, we have had an incredible amount of support from the Seedrs community, angel investors, and strategic partners. We’re delighted to welcome our new investors on the journey. Their expertise is incredibly valuable as we move from product development to market and look to further grow the team. We have a lot of plans for Den and it’s incredibly exciting to see our first products shipping this week!”

On his recent investment in Den, Ian Marchant, Director of Dunelm Energy and former longstanding CEO of SSE adds that: Den is providing a simple and elegant solution to bring our existing housing stock into the 21st century, allowing everyone to benefit from the advantages of the smart home revolution. As a long-standing believer in the future of home automation, I have been on the lookout to add to my investment portfolio. Den Automation was a no-brainer. I am not only delighted to have been able to invest, but I am also very much excited about the future it offers, both for work and for my home setup.”

Khattak's vision has helped him gain the trust of investors and notable tech leaders. In February 2017, Robert Watkins Joined the team as CEO. Watkins is a well-established stalwart of the tech world having notably been Sir Alan Sugar’s CEO at Amstrad for five years as well as being the firm’s director for over 20. Watkins was also notably the Managing Director at Euro Swiss International Ltd. in Hong Kong.