Prominent leasehold campaigner Louie Burns publishes guide to help leaseholders understand their leg

26th June 2018
Prominent leasehold campaigner Louie Burns publishes guide to help leaseholders understand their leg

Prominent leasehold reform campaigner Louie Burns has published ‘The Leaseholder's Simple Guide to Leasehold’, an informative manual to give leaseholders the knowledge they need to navigate the UK's complex leasehold system. 

 100% of the monies raised from sales of the book will be donated to the National Leasehold Campaign and the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership, two important leasehold reform campaign groups that are working to steer the Government into making the correct changes to leasehold legislation. 

 Louie Burns said: "The leasehold system in England and Wales is a scandal of epic proportions and most people are simply unequipped to deal with such a complex system, which is designed to benefit rich freeholders, at the expense of ordinary working people. 

 "Most professional freeholders are multi-millionaires and they make vast sums of money from the misery of leaseholders whilst at the same time exploiting huge gaps in the current legislation, legislation which was originally introduced to protect leaseholders. 

 "With almost a quarter of the total housing stock in this country classified as leasehold, the scale of this scandal is eye-watering. The scale of the abuses inflicted on leaseholders by greedy freeholders is even greater, including ground rents that rise year on year, rip off fees of lease extensions, service charges, buildings insurance, inflated prices for maintenance and building works, and costly licensing fees covering everything from painting and decorating to hanging new curtains. 

 "Over the last year, the Government has encouragingly stated its intention to tackle the abuses of the leasehold system and leasehold campaigners are working hard to help achieve this aim. The guide that I have published is intended to help leasehold flat owners to make an informed decision when faced with the realities of owning a leasehold property. 

 The Leaseholder's Simple Guide to Leasehold (£2.63) is available as an e-book from Kindle