The Association of Freeholders

5th September 2017
The Association of Freeholders

Recently launched, the Association of Freeholders (TAF) aims to be a united voice for freeholders, to ensure public perception is accurate and reflects the professionalism of members and to offer self regulation as an alternative to potential government regulation.  There has never been a better nor more critical time to focus our energy to protect our reputations and our industry and to strengthen our mutual interests. Through TAF you can now have a united voice, a code of conduct and a stamp of approval to show the public members are responsible and professional. 

TAF plans to hold it'sfirst conference on 28th September 2017 following the government's consultation. The focus will mainly be on their own consultation with members and potential members who attend. They want to know how our sector would like TAF to represent them, to counter the anti-leasehold sentiments and organisations and to voice all the positives and security freeholders offer. We will discuss and set out a structure for self regulation through TAF and will be inviting industry experts to speak and give their views on how self regulation should work, the governments consultation and what we can expect going forward. 

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