Looking for a replacement for storage heaters

Replacement for storage heaters? Save 45% with dynamic storage radiators

In the 60’s and 70’s many flats and apartment blocks were installed with storage heaters to provide the heating solution, however, the biggest problem with night storage heaters is the controllability, or lack of it!

Unfortunately, storage heaters have proven to be quite an expensive way to heat a flat, and as the price of fuel has risen flat owners are starting to feel the pinch.

The experience of users of night storage heaters is having too much heat in the mornings and not enough in the evenings, so comfort levels are very poor. The other important point is that night storage heaters operate on cheaper overnight electricity tariffs and people worry about using a system on higher rate electricity. But! take the example of a person working standard hours ( 9-5 ish ) 80-90% of the overnight charge paid for which is intended to heat the house through the day is completely wasted on an empty house and the heat is pretty much gone from the storage heaters by the time they return from work. It's like buying something that's cheap even though you don't need it - a complete waste of money! If the sun should warm a south facing room in the house, the storage heaters have no thermostatic sensor and so continue to belt out heat, again uncomfortable and a complete waste.

The dynamic storage radiators give absolute controllability exactly the temperature the user wants in each room at exactly the times it's wanted. The heat up time is only 10 minutes. Also, radiant heat is provided which heats people directly and gives a cosy warmth rather than convection which heats the air

Dynamic storage radiators have been used successfully in Germany for over 30 years and can provide a powerful and controllable heating system and have proven low running costs..

Independent tests have shown energy and carbon savings of up to 45% using dynamic storage radiators rather than night storage heaters

Dynamic storage radiators look like regular central heating, but there are no flues, no unsightly pipes and boiler, no potential pipe-work leakages and no risk of poisonous gas escapes. Just a simple unobtrusive wall fixing and connection to the electricity supply.

Electrical heating is 100% efficient; all the electricity used is turned into heat, unlike boiler based systems where energy is wasted through the flue.

Best of all, electric heating is the easiest and quickest type of heating to install; there is minimal disruption to you and your home.