One Hyde Park

One Hyde Park, the block of flats to beat all blocks of flats, was unveiled recently. Only for the super-rich and with an asking price upwards of £6,000 per square foot, the luxury development – designed by Lord Rogers and overseen by the playboy duo known as the Candy brothers – is said to be the most expensive residential property in the world.

It is reported that one of the penthouses sold for £135 million – this is the price of living in decadent style with all the mod cons. As you can imagine, levels of security are high, with iris-recognition systems in the lifts, panic room (for when you put down your deposit!) and bullet proof glass. Fifteen different types of precious marble have been used in the construction and many an oak tree has suffered for the cause.

One Hyde Park has it all; a private cinema, a 21-metre swimming pool, saunas, a gym, a golf simulator, a wine cellar, a valet service, concierge and room service from the Mandarin Oriental next door. The cheapest property in the building, a one-bedroom flat, is said to cost £6.75 million, with developers claiming that the majority of apartments cost between £27 million and £33 million.

Even the service charge would make your eyes smart a little – £150 per square metre per year. On this basis some owners can expect to pay more than £100,000 annually. Ouch!