How to recycle when you live in a flat

Recycling for flat and apartment owners has always been a challenge.

Local authorities throughout the UK are  now expecting cardboard, glass, paper and tin to be separated. Many  flats and apartment blocks have now been provided with recycling  containers; however it is not easy in compact kitchen spaces to store  your day to day recycling waste.

The Kitchen Recycle Bin Company offer an easy and effective solution.

The bin shown above offers three colour coded  segregated inner bins – all containing 11 litres each totalling a more  than sufficient 33 litre – which is well in accordance with the UK House  Builder’s requirements for a minimum of 30 litres and is currently  available at only £43.10.

The Kitchen Recycle Bin Company offer a range of sizes and colours including white, stainless steel or silver.

Owners of bijou accommodation can be confident that the trio recycling bin will feature well in their fitted kitchen.

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