Make extra room for guests

Space is rarely enough when you live in a flat or apartment so using your space carefully is a must.

Like many of us if you struggle with  sleeping accommodation when you invite friends or family to stay over  then there are a few companies with some new and clever interior design  ideas for exactly this problem.

Foldaway beds (or hideaway beds or wall beds) are  becoming increasingly popular with flat and apartment owners.

If you use one of your bedrooms, or part of your  living space for a study area, cupboard spaces are being designed to  also house a foldaway bed, making full use of your valuable space and  creating dual purpose for your rooms, i.e. study and bedroom.

Some hideaway beds when folded into the wall and when  pulled down are even ready made up for use, including pillows.

Other alternatives for guest accommodation could  include sofa beds or camp beds, however these are often less comfortable  or harder to fit into the space available.

Prices vary for foldaway beds, companies to try include and