Looking for a space saving bath?

However small your property, try to fit in a bath … you’ll narrow your market if all you offer is a shower”

Bathtubs are now being manufactured in so many different sizes and shapes, with careful design of your full bathroom space you should be able to fit a bath in your flat or apartment.

When designing your bathroom start by checking whether your toilet or sink could be positioned better, by moving them you could uncover some valuable spare inches which in most bathrooms is important and can considerably open up a room.

Baths are now available in so many shapes and sizes that there is bound to be a solution for all flat owners, some interesting ones that we can across are described below:-

The Gem bath available from www.bathroomheaven.com, which is only 1200 x 700mm, and at a tiny price of only £209.00

The Heron small corner bath from www.bathroomheaven.com only 1200 x 1200mm

The Mantaleda Compact Deep-Soak Baths are a new range of compact baths available  from www.bathroomexpress.co.uk which are designed for deep soaking as well as fitting into compact spaces. The Mantaleda bath range includes single or twin seats options which can also be fitted with whirlpool systems.

If you are struggling to make a bath fit in to the space available go to a professional bathroom showroom with the sizes you have available and your wish list as there are many space saving devices available that you may not have thought about.