Work top extractors to suit compact kitchens

If you have a small kitchen, or if you are not lucky enough to have high ceilings a downdraft extractor is perfect for you.

A downdraft extractor is only seen when in use.

The extractor is fitted beneath the work surface and will rise to hob level to just above pan height.

Once you are finished with it, it goes back down out of view.

Hoods can be supplied to operate in  recirculation mode, where the air flow passed through carbon filters to  absorb the cooking fumes, before recycling the air back into your  kitchen or in extraction mode. However the hood needs to be connected to  an external wall and all the steam and cooking fumes are extracted  outside through the ducting

Downdraft extractors are also known for  their quiet operation – but check with the supplier of the model that  you choose as the sound level will vary according to the design of the  hood, its installation and its airflow.

Suppliers include:-

De Dietrich AEG