A new way to watch TV

This month, Sky launches Sky Q, its next-generation home entertainment system that will connect every TV in your home for seamless viewing
Sky Q is the latest advance in home entertainment from Sky. The new system, to be launched later this month, creates a seamless TV viewing experience, which Sky calls ‘fluid viewing’. With the new wireless Sky Q mini box or with the Sky Q app on your tablet, you can now watch your favourite TV live, as recorded programmes or on demand, while moving around your home.

fluid viewing

The key benefit of ‘fluid viewing’ is the flexibility to pause what you’re viewing on your TV screen and pick up again on a TV in another room or on a tablet. Not only does Sky Q make it easier than ever to access all your favourite programmes but for the first time Sky has responded to the most frequently requested feature from customers and has made it possible to take your recordings with you wherever you are. Because the whole system connects wirelessly and can link up to five different screens, your family can watch different programmes simultaneously around your home while recording four other channels – a first in the UK and Ireland. If you have Sky broadband as part of your package, you can also supercharge your internet access by turning all your Sky Q boxes into Wi-Fi hotspots for a stronger signal and better coverage. In addition to a state-of-the-art, in-home wireless network, your Sky Q boxes can connect over your home’s electric wiring to give you the best connection available.

New features
Other features of the new system include the ability to:
• scroll and swipe the new touchpad remote to choose what to watch on an all-new TV guide;
• use the powerful search capability of Sky Q to find everything related to a show;
• access an even wider range of entertainment on the big screen including YouTube, Vevo and the best of the web; and
• browse your Facebook photos and stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth or Apple’s AirPlay

The new TV guide provides a great combination of recommendations - a curated Top Picks selection on the home page, alongside personalised options found in the new My Q section which are based on what you have watched at different times of day. My Q also lets you easily find and watch the next episode of a series.
In addition, Sky Q’s powerful new search capability brings together live, recorded and on demand content in one place. It shows you everything related to a show you have searched for and will suggest similar shows that you may like to try.

Sky Q is Ultra HD ready in advance of the launch of the UK’s most comprehensive Ultra High Definition service later in 2016. The new service will offer customers a range of sports, movies, and entertainment content in stunning picture quality with up to four times the detail of HD. New features that will be added to Sky Q over time include a powerful voice search capability and a new app for smartphones, with other devices to follow.

How do I register?

So, if all that sounds exciting, what’s the next step? You can sign up for Sky Q online at www.sky.com where you can also watch a short video demonstrating how the new system works.

How will it work in blocks of flats?

Now for the technical bit. For flat owners with communal systems, you can sign up for Sky Q without all your neighbours having to sign up too. The system can be installed using the existing feed into your block and all you will need is an additional DSCR (digital single cable router) which is quick and simple to fit. According to Sky’s Sales and Marketing Director Chris Collinson, the only challenge will be if additional power is needed, in which case an electrician will have to be called out to do enabling works before the new system can be set up.

What’s the cost?

Of course the big question is “how much will it cost?” Sky Q is available from 9 February, with set-up costs starting at £99. For existing Sky customers, the cost of Sky Q will be around £12 more than their existing package. New customers can expect to pay around £42 per month.

To register and for more information go to www.sky.com.