Lentworth Help You Gain Remote Control

Lentworth has launched a new IT concierge service that puts you in complete control of your home – from any location

A decade ago, if you had been told that when you were away from home you could control your heating, lights, audio visual equipment and kitchen appliances from your phone, it would have sounded like science fiction. Now with rapid developments in IT, not only is this technology within the reach of anyone with a smart phone or other mobile device but it is surprisingly affordable.

From as little as £250 each month for a basic package, flat owners now have access to a new IT concierge service called Lentworth, launched to meet growing demand from home owners for a one-stop, tailor-made solution for all their tech needs. Targeted at owners and managing agents of luxury developments, apartments and houses, the company specialises in providing set up, support and security services for all the devices around the home.

Through Lentworth, all your devices can be linked via a secure internet connection which can then be controlled from a mobile device anywhere in the world. The home network provides storage for music, photos and data, all securely backed up; CCTV and sound systems are linked to the network, providing security and music in every room if required. As the ‘internet of things’ develops further, there is increased connectivity between devices and
appliances making it perfectly possible – and very easy - to switch your washing machine or cooker on from your mobile or boost your heating on the way back from the airport.

Lentworth specialises in providing a highly personalised service, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. For managing agents of multi-occupied blocks, the company can create a tailored service plan to suit the technology already in place in the apartment buildings, even where there is a mix of owner occupiers and tenants. Customers can either pay as they go or opt for the full fixed-price package to look after all their tech requirements. This includes a dedicated IT consultant available 24/7 to provide helpline and on-site support. In multi-occupied apartment blocks, the cost of the IT package can be included in the service charge.

“There is a proliferation of lifestyle concierge services but very few businesses that offer a dedicated IT service in the way that Lentworth does,” explains founding director Anthony Conway. “We understand that technology is now vital for smart living but customers don’t want the hassle of fixing devices when they fail or the risk that a breach in security brings. We provide the same level of service and peace of mind in the home that you would expect from an IT team in the workplace,” he says.

Lentworth’s support package includes proactively ensuring that the customer’s IT system has the latest technology, preventing crashes and avoiding security breaches. A disaster recovery program is put in place so that if anything is lost or stolen, files can be immediately connected onto a new device. CCTV is set up that activates as soon as the customer leaves the area, is viewable straight from their mobile device and can be linked to their alarm system. A fixed IP and firewall is created for an extra layer of security against hackers.

Set up by Antony Conway in 1993, the company has provided an IT concierge package to many well-known names in fashion, music and film, as well as high-profile individuals in the banking sector. Lentworth also has a business link with Quintessentially Lifestyle, the upmarket concierge membership service.

Joined up technology

We all have computers, smartphones and tablets so isn’t it about time we used these digital tools for more than work, entertainment and social media?

Have you ever been in a situation where someone is visiting your home but you are running late and have no idea what state your flat is in? Now you can take the stress out of visits from unexpected guests - and a whole range of other things too.

  • By using the Bubu Bubo App, you can check all the rooms in your house remotely using CCTV so you can stop worrying and always feel secure and know exactly how much tidying up you need to do before your guests arrive.
  • Turn the heating on from your phone using the Nest App so it will be nice and warm when your guests arrive.
  • Set the mood by adjusting your lighting with LightwaveRF.
  • Close your curtains with the Z-wave Home Hub
  • Set a timer from your phone to light your Escea gas fire as you walk through the door

You can even connect to your home wi-fi to access your speaker system and play music for anyone who is at home, wherever you are.

For more information about Lentworth contact Anthony Conway
Tel: 07768 508818
Email: anthony@lentworth.co.uk