Bringing Smart Technology Into Our Homes

Networks are everywhere. Social media and the internet are bringing us ever-closer to each other, so why not bring smart technology into our homes too? Ingeny is one company that is driving the trend for connectivity at home.

The rise in smartphone and tablet technology, combined with an increasing number of devices that are now wireless-enabled is driving the growth in home automation. In the US, half of all households will have some kind of home automation by 2020, with the UK and mainland Europe also expected to follow suit significant levels of adoption over the next few years.

Advanced home automation and entertainment systems are designed to make life easier by bringing together familiar technologies in perfect harmony, but many cannot be retrofitted into your home without the introduction of new cabling or costly installation requirements. Ingeny is now able to offer a solution that can be up and running quickly and efficiently using the latest wireless technology, avoiding any damage to your interiors and keeping overheads to a minimum.

Z-Wave wireless technology operates a “mesh network” that uses repeating signals to deliver a reliable automation solution throughout the building with impressive range. Easy-to-install sensors, control modules and wall plugs enable the system to monitor and manage all aspects of the home environment, intelligently responding to any changes to effortlessly optimise comfort, safety and energy efficiency. All this can be provided at a fraction of the cost of a traditional fully-wired solution and using non-invasive installation procedures the wired control modules and wireless, battery powered sensors can be fitted in a matter of minutes, with no need for additional cables or drilling. The sensors have a battery-life of up to five years and can be put anywhere, attached with a single screw, self-adhesive strip or just placed on a surface.

The systems can be individually-tailored to take into consideration personal taste and meet communications, comfort and security preferences. This not only ensures complete control at the tap of a touchscreen, smartphone or tablet, but also means complementary systems can work seamlessly together to control lighting and heating, energy management, CCTV, blinds and curtains, smoke detection and entertainment requirements.

Zoned heating ensures a home or property is heated as and when required, while scene lighting can be created for any mood. Meanwhile, the system can be programmed so that when residents are out and the alarm is set, the lighting, blinds and audio visual systems simulate occupancy based on previous activity with heating reduced to a minimum setting until you return.

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