Unwanted bikes at your block? Get recycling

Flat owners leaving their belongings in communal areas is a problem that just won’t go away. Potentially the biggest impact is how it would affect your Fire Risk Assessment and escape plan for the building. 

The following organisations offer bike recycling programmes 


Name: Recyclez

Website: http://www.recyclez.co.uk/   

Telephone: 0751 1079521

Notes: promoting social and environmental justice through a practical initiative to reuse, recycle and reduce waste

Area Covered:  Bath


Name: Cyclechain

Website: http://www.cyclechain.org/  

Telephone: 0121 357 0643

Notes: Cycle Chain is concerned with the creation of sustainable and realistic employment for disadvantaged individuals, in particular those with a visual impairment and those recovering from mental health problems.

Area Covered:  Birmingham


Name: The Bike Hub

Website: http://rezolvebikehub.blogspot.co.uk/  

Email:  dan.smith@thebikehub.org.uk  

Telephone: 01208 265 943

Notes: RE:SOURCE is a furniture recycling social enterprise working as part of the national drug and alcohol charity: Addaction. Bike Hub is the bicycle recycling section of RE:SOURCE

Area Covered:  Bodmin, Cornwall


Name: Wheelie Great Bike Store

Website: http://www.wgbs.org.uk/  

Email:  info@wgbs.org.uk  

Telephone: 01202 310400

Notes: All proceeds from WGBS are reinvested back into local community initiatives supporting vulnerable adults and young people to access housing, health, learning and work opportunities

Area Covered:  Bournemouth


Name: Margaret Carey Foundation

Website: http://www.margaretcareyfoundation.org.uk/2013/06/helping-offenders-work-to-help-others/  

Telephone: 07794 534907

Notes: The Margaret Carey Foundation is a registered charity which takes donated bikes to prisons in the North of England, where they are refurbished. The bikes are then suppled to partner charities who distribute them to people in need, mainly in developing cou

Area Covered:  Bradford


Name: Life Cycle UK

Website: http://www.lifecycleuk.org.uk/  

Email:  ed@lifecycleuk.org.uk  

Telephone: 0117 353 4580

Notes: Life Cycle’s recycled bikes are repaired and cleaned up by prisoners thanks to a partnership with HMP Bristol, funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

Area Covered:  Bristol


Name: Bristol Bike Project

Website: http://www.thebristolbikeproject.org/  

Email:  thebristolbikeproject@gmail.com

Telephone: 07983 417231

Notes: The project supports people with mental health problems, learning difficulties and those in recovery.

Area Covered:  Bristol


Name: Union Cycle Works

Website: http://www.unioncycleworks.org.uk/  

Email:  hello@unioncycleworks.org.uk  

Notes: Union Cycle Works is an associated partner with The Margins Project, a homeless project based in North London.

Area Covered:  Deptford


Name: Ride On

Website: http://rideoncycling.org/  

Telephone: 01626 773261

Notes: The social enterprise recycles bikes to share the benefits of cycling with the community, especially through providing bike for young people who are learning to cycle at school

Area Covered:  Exeter


Name: Nationwide Cycling Academy

Website: www.ncagb.co.uk#sthash.X7prOkSA.dpuf  

Email:  info@ncagb.co.uk  or re-cycle@mcagb.co.uk  

Telephone: 0161 773 9566 / 07970 430 987

Notes: Accepts donated bikes which are dropped off as well as collects them

Area Covered:  Greater Manchester


Name: Re-cycleyourcycle

Website: http://www.re-cycleyourcycle.com/index.php  

Email:  enquiries@re-cycleyourcycle.com  

Notes: We'll take your unwanted, damaged or broken bike and get it ready for donation to someone who hasn't had the privilege of owning their own bike.

Area Covered:  Kent, Herefordshire & South London


Name: Bikes4All

Website: http://www.eastmidlands.groundwork.org.uk/leicester--leicestershire/our-services/communities/bikes4all.aspx  

Telephone: 0116 2420800

Notes: Offers bespoke training and activities to the community from a team of qualified mechanics and trainers, while selling or donating bikes to those on low incomes.

Area Covered:  Leicester


Name: Chainlink Bike Project

Website: www.bluesci.org.uk#sthash.X7prOkSA.dpuf   

Email:  information@bluesci.org.uk  

Telephone: 0161 9124828

Notes: blueSCI is a cultural and wellbeing centre in Old Trafford. They run a bike project that offers bike servicing, repairs and a bike maintenance course. Any donated bikes are repaired and serviced to provide a source of cheap secondhand bikes for the local

Area Covered:  Manchester


Name: Kingston Eco-op

Website: http://www.kingstoneco-op.org.uk/what-we-do/bike-recycling  

Telephone: 020 8942 5503

Notes: Although our workshops differ there is an emphasis on employment preparation / skills training throughout the project with support and expectations around issues such as timekeeping, team work and health and safety.

Area Covered:  New Malden


Name: Open Shed Bike Kitchen

Website: http://www.openshed.org/bikekitchen  

Email:  bikekitchen@openshed.org  

Telephone: 01736 367516

Notes: If you have old or unused bicycles we will accept them as donations and this will help to add to our inventory of spares parts. In some instances where the bicycle is in reasonable condition, we will use them for training repair bikes or repair them and a

Area Covered:  Penzance, Cornwall


Name: Bicycle Recycling

Website: http://www.bicyclerecycling.co.uk/  

Email:  contact@bicyclerecycling.co.uk  

Telephone: 02392 601441

Notes: The centre accepts and collects donated bicycles from the local area and reconditions them for resale to the local community.

Area Covered:  Portsmouth, Fareham, Havant, Petersfield, Eastleigh, Lyndhurst, Alresford, Romsey, Southampton, Stockbridge.


Name: Southend ReCycle Centre

Website: http://www.cyclesouthend.co.uk/recycle-centre  

Email:  therecyclecentre@gmail.com  

Telephone: 07824 301609

Notes: Southend ReCycle Centre has drop-off points around the town, refurbishing donated bikes and selling them at low cost.

Area Covered:  Southend


Name: Cycloan Cycle repair project

Website: www.stockport.gov.uk/doitonline/multimedia/cycloanprojectvideo#sthash.X7prOkSA.dpuf  

Email:  brian.pendlebury@stockport.gov.uk  

Telephone: 0161 476 2876

Notes: Cycle repair to donate to victims of cycle theft and much more! Will collect bikes from households and businesses or alternatively you can drop bikes off. The ‘Cycloan’ project is one of the initiatives carried out by Stockport Council to help young offen

Area Covered:  Stockport


Name: On Your Bike

Website: http://on-your-bike.org/  

Email:  Cycle@On-Your-Bike.org  

Telephone: 01823 259035

Notes: cycle recycling charity

Area Covered:  Taunton


Name: Re~Cycle

Website: http://www.re-cycle.org/  

Telephone: 01206 841 268

Notes: Re~Cycle is the UK’s biggest and best-known bicycle recycling charity. It receives abandoned bikes reclaimed by councils and the police, as well as those donated by members of the public, and sends them to Africa

Area Covered:  Throughout England


Name: Watford Cycle Hub

Website: http://watfordcyclehub.org.uk/    

Email:  Recycling@watfordcyclehub.org.uk  

Telephone: 01923 223994 / 07818 047838

Notes: We offer bike repair services, maintenance courses and cycle training. We also accept your old bikes (the ones that have been cluttering up the back of your garden for years!) and recycle them, salvaging what we can. In turn we also sell affordable recond

Area Covered:  Watford


Name: Wolverhampton Bike Shed

Website: http://wolverhamptonbikeshed.org/  

Email:  wolverhamptonbikeshed@hotmail.co.uk  

Telephone: 07707 522120

Notes: Wolverhampton Bike Shed is a non-profit project offering bicycle repair and recycling.

Area Covered:  Wolverhampton