ARMA Training DVD & CD for RMC Directors

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This introduction to Residents Management Company Directors powers, duties and responsibilities contains:

• A DVD – Video – Full TV Introduction (15 minute running time)

• A CD-ROM – Interactive Text Version, the contents of which are:-


Chapter 1 – An overview of Company Law

Chapter 2 – What is a limited company required to do within its constitution?

Chapter 3 – What are the legal responsibilities and liabilities of company directors?

Chapter 4 – What happens if the directors do not comply with their other duties or responsibilities?

Chapter 5 – How do directors communicate – between themselves and with other residents within the block?

Chapter 6 – Effective record keeping

Chapter 7 – Running your RMC on a day to day basis

Chapter 8 – Accounting and finance


1. Useful Publications and Hotlinked Website Addresses

2. Sample Directors Meeting Agenda

3. Sample AGM Notice, Agenda, Proxy Form and Minutes

4. Sample Consent to Short Notice

5. Elective Resolutions

6. Combined Register

7. Document Retention

8. 10 Rules for Directors

9. List of Companies House Forms

10. Glossary

11. FAQ

12. Aurora Mansions Ltd – Statutory Accounts

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