Today's block managers need help with the complexity of managing a property portfolio and the multitude of tasks involved on a day to day basis.    

In issue 18 of Flat Living we took a look at some of the software packages now on the market designed to make life easier for managing agents and their clients. 

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Software in the spotlight


Fixflo Block (“Block”) provides the means for block managers to centralise and streamline on-site maintenance, giving them... more »

Twenty-five years and counting

Grosvenor Systems celebrates its quarter century with the release of Propman X4 On 22 February, 25 years since its inception, Grosvenor... more »

Software For Self-Managed Blocks

Online help Flat owners living in self-managed blocks can now take advantage of Resident® a new online guide, accounts and property... more »

Blockman, Topfloor

Blockman is based on cloud computing. There are no additional hardware, system or network requirements. Users just need a broadband... more »

Prestige Residential Block Management, PCM Consulting

Prestige residential block management software is simple, intuitive and easy to use, according PCM consulting which developed the package.... more »

Propman, Grosvenor Systems

Propman from Grosvenor Systems is a single non-modular system that has been designed to be easy to use for new or occasional users.... more »

Qube Global Software

The Qube for block management system is packed full of features which the company claims bring real benefits to property managers –... more »

Tramps/Dwellant, Trace Solutions

Tramps and Dwellant have formed a partnership to create powerful accounting software and a user friendly interactive front end. Tramps-Dwellant... more »

Voyager Residential - Yardi

Voyager Residential claims to be the only end-to-end solution that helps manage the residential life-cycle from resident acquisition,... more »

ARMA-Q Consumer Charter - Delivered by TRAMPS & Dwellant

As part of the Flat Living software review one of the areas that providers look to address is ARMA-Q Compliance.    The... more »