Winter Preparation for your Properties

Have you already started the preparations for the winter ahead and thinking about the gruelling affects the wet and cold weather has on your buildings, and ultimately on your residents? So, what can you do now to prepare your properties for the winter period to minimise damage and to benefit the welfare of your residents?

There are a number of works that should and can be carried out to a building during the autumn months to avoid damage and costly repairs at a later date:

  • Gutter Clearances to Buildings and Out Buildings

To prevent leaks, overflowing gutters, damp and expensive repairs

  • Inspecting and Repairing Roofs where necessary

To prevent water ingress and leaks occurring over the wetter weather

  • Jet Washing pathways during October and November

To prevent slippery surfaces when it gets colder

  • Testing and Repairing communal heaters & boilers

Get those communal areas snug for the winter

  • Installing or Repairing external lighting to communal areas

Driveways, entrance doors and car parks need to be lit

  • Ordering supplies of grit/rock salt for your bins well in advance

Have the bins available, full and with a scoop/shovel for spreading

  • Ensure all exterior windows and doors are in good condition and close securely
  • Insulate any exposed plumbing pipes

Stop those pipes from freezing and backing up or cracking

  • Check drain covers to make sure they fit properly and are not broken or cracked.
  • Clear debris and leaves from drains and gulleys regularly

Make sure your drainage is removing that surface water to avoid slips

There are many other ways of preparing your properties for winter and TMG would be happy to assist you; they can discuss these with you personally or provide an individual assessment of each development’s needs. Please contact TMG if you have any questions regarding any of these suggested works or if you would like us to provide a free quotation.

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