The Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) is a trade association for firms that manage private residential leasehold blocks of flats in England & Wales. ARMA promotes high standards of leasehold management by providing advice, training and guidance to its member firms of managing agents. ARMA also produces guidance materials for leaseholders and Residents Management Companies. With over 280 firms in membership, ARMA also campaigns for improvements in the legislation governing the leasehold sector.

ARMA Advisory Note -Living In Leasehold Flats

As a leasehold homeowner, it's in your best interests to understand the legal nature of this type of ownership. What exactly do you... more »

Noella Morton takes on new leadership role at ARMA

Noella Morton is to take on the role of Operations Director at ARMA. Noella is a well-known and popular figure in the leasehold sector,... more »

Appointing A Managing Agent

This guide is for leaseholders thinking about appointing and employing an agent to manage their building. It's particularly relevant... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Buying And Selling Your Flat

This Advice Note looks at the typical events in buying and selling a leasehold flat. It explains the usual restrictions found in leases... more »

The Letting Of Leasehold Flats

Buy-to-let has seen some phenomenal growth over the last few years and residential lettings are now a substantial part of the housing... more »

Carrying Out Your Own Work To Your Block

If you live in a smaller blocks of flats, particularly if it's self- managed, you or your fellow leaseholders may want to carry out... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Health & Safety

This advice note summarises some of the main health & safety regulations that apply to blocks of flats. This includes houses that... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Your Rights To Information

Leaseholders have many important legal rights when it comes to accessing information, probably more than you think. Brushing up on... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Smoke-Free Regulations

Since 2007 the internal communal areas of block of flats must be smoke-free by law. Residents who do smoke in these areas can be prosecuted... more »

Noisy Neighbours

Noise problems cause many complaints in blocks of flats. DIY, building activity, late night music, laminated floors and barking dogs... more »

Service Charge Accounting - Best Practice

In 2010 the Government pulled back from introducing important regulations that would have given greater protection to leaseholders... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Good Neighbours In Flats

Living in a leasehold flat is a bit different from living in a freehold home. The close proximity of neighbours means that there are... more »

Anti-Social Behaviour

If you're suffering from antisocial behaviour in your block, there's a wide range of actions you can take. Your landlord or managing... more »

Management Fees

As a trade association for managing agents, ARMA does not set, recommend or give any guidance on fee levels or market rates to its... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - The Companies Act 2006

The Companies Act 2006 changed the way that small private companies can run. This includes Residents Management Companies (RMCs) and... more »


In this Advice Note, well take a look at your legal rights when it comes to insuring your block. Well also explain the different sorts... more »


Condensation can cause real problems if left uncontrolled. Apart from running water on the inside of windows and walls, it can also... more »

Gas Boilers And Flue Safety

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued a safety warning about the potential dangers of certain types of gas boiler flue systems... more »

Forming A Residents Association

Forming a residents association is an effective way for leaseholders to express their collective views to their landlord or managing... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Appointing A Managing Agent By A Tribunal

Under Section 24 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, any leasehold flat owner has the right to apply to a Tribunal to change their... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Making A Complaint About The Management Of Your Block

When things go wrong with the management of your block, you need to know who to complain to. In this Advice Note, well look at what... more »

Fire Safety In Flats

This Advice Note gives general guidance about fire safety in blocks of flats. Specific advice for individual blocks will differ, so... more »

Understanding Residents Management Companies

It's quite common for a block of flats to be owned or managed by a company made up of the leaseholders. These are usually known as... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Powered Gates

Following a number of fatalities caused by powered gates in recent years, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) issued a series of... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Employing Contractors

All landlords, Residents Management Companies (RMCs) and Right To Manage Companies (RTMs) have a responsibility to appoint competent... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Service Charge Rights A Summary For Leaseholders

Leaseholders have important protections under Landlord and Tenant legislation and landlords are required to serve a summary of those... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Freehold Houses On Private Estates

Some private estates have both freehold houses and blocks of leasehold flats. All homeowners will be expected to pay for the upkeep... more »

Electrical Safety In Communal Areas Of Residential Properties

With so much legislation in place these days, and conflicting guidance that is all too easily available in the public domain, it can... more »

Fire Safety In Purpose-Built Blocks Of Flats

This guide aims to ensure adequate fire safety in purpose-built blocks of flats. It offers practical advice on how to assess the risk... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Technical Release: Residential Service Charge Accounts

This is a guide to the law and professional best practice in relation to residential service charge accounting. There are currently... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - A Guide To The Management Of Mixed-Tenure Developments

This Guide is about the management models used and the issues arising for mixed tenure developments. Mixed tenure developments are... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Money Laundering Guidance

This guidance provides a general introduction to anti money laundering, terrorist finance, bribery, and financial sanctions. It has... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Changing Managing Agents

This Advice Note looks at situations where a landlord, Residents Management Company (RMC) or Right To Manage Company (RTM) has decided... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Water Leaks

A quarter of all insurance claims made on flats are for damage caused by water leaks. The damage costs millions of pounds and causes... more »

Gas Safety

When it comes to gas safety, ARMA supports and recommends to leaseholders the information provided by Gas Safe Register. Gas Safe Register... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Service Charge Arrears

When leaseholders don't pay, or fall behind with, their service charge payments it can cause problems for everyone else in the block.... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Things To Know Before You Buy a Flat

There are two main ways of owning property in England and Wales freehold and leasehold. This one page document briefly explains some... more »