Who are RMC members?

Residents' Management Companies (RMC)members are usually the leaseholders.

The RMC must keep an up to date list of its members. Unless it is kept at the registered office, whom could be your Managing Agent or Accountant. The RMC must notify Companies House of where the register is kept, and notify any change in its location to Companies House on Form 353 and Form 353a.

If your RMC is limited by shares, the members are also shareholders. The RMC must notify details of shareholders to Companies House in an annual return and update the information with any changes every year on the annual return. Companies House will write to the registered office to remind a company shortly before it becomes due.

When a flat is sold the company’s articles of association will usually require the seller to transfer the shares to the buyer of the flat or apartment.

For more information about shares and share transfers go to www.companieshouse.gov.uk

Document reference GBA6 Share Capital can be found half way down this page under Administration and Management.