Appointing a cleaning company - case study


Specialist cleaning contractor Beechwood recently pulled out all the stops to help residents in a London block who had become victims of relentless littering 

London-based Beechwood Property Services were recently contracted for a weekly clean on a block of flats suffering from a major littering problem. However, the scheduled cleans of the communal areas were rendered virtually useless by non-residents scattering litter and rubbish immediately after the job was completed. This made it a near impossible task to convince the occupiers that the cleaning had been done at all.

The problem was made worse by the fact that the contracted hours for weekly cleaning were restricted, as the building’s service charge budget would not allow for any increase in expenditure. This presented a challenge for Beechwood to live up to its customer promise of delivering a premier service.

A calculated move was necessary. After discussion with the client, the preferred option was to change the weekly contracted hours to cleaning on a daily basis. This move was implemented and the resulting daily upkeep of the building delivered remarkable improvements, not only in higher levels of cleanliness but in generating greater respect from residents for the upgraded appearance of their block. An added bonus was that the daily presence of a uniformed cleaner made a huge impact on the nuisance visitors, who were put off dropping litter by seeing the cleaning attendants at work.

Litter has now been totally eliminated from the block and the building looks noticeably cleaner. The residents have reported that they are delighted with the changes that have been implemented – they have made a genuine difference to the environment they live in. They are also impressed by Beechwood’s ability to make such an impact, while maintaining the cost of cleaning services at the same level as before.

Cost is a major issue for leaseholders who employ cleaners to maintain communal areas. The current economic climate has escalated the difficulty in collecting service charges from property owners and, increasingly, owners and tenants are scrutinising all block expenditure. And rightly so: why should residents have to pay for cleaning services to remove rubbish, empty cans and cigarette butts that have been left by visitors or passers-by?

Beechwood is well aware of occupiers’ problems. The company aims always to take a professional view of problems arising; resolving issues using a structured approach and recognising that it is vital not to impact unnecessarily on clients’ cleaning budgets. 

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