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Is energy management posing problems in your block? Steve Knox argues the case for outsourcing.

Speak to any managing agent and they will tell you that the management of ‘energy for landlord supplies’ can present problems. Are we getting a good deal? Are we in contract? Why can’t anybody sort out problems on our account? These are just some of the questions that are frequently asked. Read more

Are we in for winter energy shortages and price hikes?

Asks Graham Borét, senior energy consultant at Energy Renewals Power station closures and lack of replacements means the UK... more »

Communal energy supplies and VAT

Energy supplies to individual flats are always charged at 5%. But is that the case when supplies are to a communal area?Neil Woolfson,... more »

Gas Safety Week: Fighting for a Gas Safe nation

We are proud to be supporting Gas Safety Week 2016, taking place 19th – 25th September. Gas Safety Week is an annual safety... more »

Experts urge households to switch now to a fixed contract

Homeowners are being urged to switch to a fixed rate tariff in order to avoid further price hikes on energy bills, as some of the best... more »

Summerís over and so are low energy bills or are they?

Making sure you are on an appropriate energy tariff and becoming more energy efficient at home are the best ways to keep energy bills... more »

Are you frustrated with Utility Companies?

I like to think I am a fairly placid person and get on with most people - whether they get on with me is another matter!  However,... more »

Help with swapping energy providers

Anyone living in a block of flats is likely to be aware of the problems of energy supply to blocks of flats – and their managing... more »

Install PV solar panels and earn some money for your block

Reduce your service charges and help save the planet... Up until now there have been very few ways for Residents’ Management... more »

Is energy management causing a problem for your block?

Is energy management posing problems in your block? Steve Knox argues the case for outsourcing. Speak to any managing agent and they... more »

Getting your lighting right first time

Future Lighting calls for architects to stop compromising efficiency for aesthetics in lighting design Contemporary architectural... more »

How green is your block?

CO2 emissions from UK flats and houses account for an estimated 27% of our carbon footprint, so what can you do to make your block... more »

Will the Green Deal work for flat owners?

Will the Green Deal work for flat owners, asks Bob Smytherman from the FPRA? The FPRA has long been concerned about the issue of energy... more »