Buying your freehold

Consider the following 7 top tips when you consider buying your freehold:

  • Establish clear organisation and leadership among residents
  • Keep everyone informed on what is going on
  • Be clear as to why you want to buy the freehold and  become your own landlord
  • Understand your objectives for the building
  • Establish a fighting fund; it shows commitment
  • Retain solicitors, valuers and managing agents who have experience of the process
  • Be realistic in your expectations and timescale
Preparation for buying your freehold

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Does our block qualify?

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Top tips for buying your freehold

Consider the following 7 top tips when you consider buying your freehold: Establish clear organisation and leadership among residents Keep... more »

How much will purchasing our freehold cost?

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Do we qualify to purchase our freehold?

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I want to buy my freehold and there is a commercial element in the building, can I do this?

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Take Control of your Block

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What is the process for buying your freehold

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Your right to buy your freehold

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So you’ve bought your freehold, getting it right

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Buying your freehold - the role of the surveyor

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Our freeholder has suggested a price that we think is too high - what can we do?

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Serving notice to buy your freehold? Take professional advice

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Buying your freehold - FAQ's

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About the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners ALEP

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