Iconic blocks of flats in the UK

Throughout the UK we have some of the most iconic buildings and structures, some new and some old. Please enjoy some of our favourites.



Who owns leasehold London

London is a singular city in many ways, not least because the bulk of its most expensive leasehold property is owned by just a handful... more »

Riverside apartments at Burton Flour Mills

Riverside apartments at Burton Flour Mills are a great example of how developers can breathe new life into old buildings It is no... more »

Forbes Place in Chichester

Forbes Place in Chichester, West Sussex, is the home of residents in 24 flats.  These flats were first occupied in 1999 following... more »

Tortington Manor in Arundel, West Sussex

Tortington Manor, just outside Arundel in West Sussex, is now a development of residential apartments and house – all leasehold-... more »

The Horizons development, Colchester

Originally developed by Barratt and opened in 2005, the Horizons development houses 207 mixed size flats over approximately 5 acres... more »

River Gardens, London

River Gardens in Fulham is a unique residential development constructed in the 1970s. The freehold is owned collectively by the leaseholders... more »

The Grosvenor Estate

Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, the 6th Duke of Westminster is London’s wealthiest landlord. He and his family own around 300 acres... more »

The Cadogan Estate

The 8th Earl of Cadogan comes a close second to the Duke of Westminster in the London property stakes. Cadogan Estates Ltd is particularly... more »

The Howard de Walden Estate

The Howard de Walden Estate owns, manages and leases around 92 acres of property in Marylebone. This covers the streets running east... more »

The Portman Estate

To the west of Marylebone High Street, are the 110 acres of London land owned by the Portman Estate. With a history dating back to... more »

Balls Park in Hertford

Fancy a little place in the country? Well, if you’ve got a cool £1.5 million to spend, a stunning apartment at historic... more »