Using a Managing Agent

What is a Property Managing Agent?

A Property Managing Agent is a person or a firm that is appointed by the freeholder, the head lessee or the residents management company... more »

Changing managing agent - is it worth the pain?

Excessive costs, a lack of service and poor communication - just some of the most common gripes levelled at managing agents by their... more »

Questions to ask your managing agent

Choosing a managing agent for your block comes down to a mix of personality and practicality: you want to get on with the people who... more »

How to tender for a Managing Agent

Approach at least three Agents inviting them to tender for the work. Click here for a list of agents or consult the list of agents... more »

An apple a day keeps the scaffolding away…

Ian Hollins of Clear Building Management suggests a ‘little and often’ approach to maintenance to help avoid unexpected... more »

Should we self manage or appoint a Property Managing Agent?

Self Management Flat owners may gain management responsibility in various  ways, for example, by purchasing the freehold, through... more »

What skills should your Managing Agent have?

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED Proven record caring for lessees Working with a lessee managed block Proven record in arrears reduction Cash... more »

What services will be required from your Managing Agent?

FINANCIAL Preparation of a reserve fund plan relating to cyclical maintenance as shown in your lease Annual service charge estimation Weekly/monthly... more »

What to check when appointing a Managing Agent

Specification When you interview Managing Agents you need to be clear about  what you  want them to do. Produce a specification... more »

What codes of practice you should expect from your Managing Agent?

Expected codes of practice from your agent CONTRACTUAL DUTIES To agree, in writing, the terms of engagement to manage a client’s... more »

Why outsource management?

Back in 1972 my Dad had an Austin Princess, at least I think it was – my memory may be playing tricks, but there is one thing... more »

8 steps to selecting the right managing agent for your block

Choosing the right managing agent to look after your block is no easy task, not least because it’s a decision with clear... more »

The Right to Appoint a Manager

A common complaint of lessee's is that their property has been badly managed and/or the landlord is collecting excessive amounts... more »

 Clearing the corridor clutter – whose job is it anyway?

Safe, happy and quarrel-free communal living requires compromise and effort – including keeping corridor clutter to a minimum.... more »

Love thy neighbour?

It’s often said that the role of a property manager encompasses accountant, legal adviser, diplomat and negotiator. Conflict... more »

Can we change managing agent but keep our caretaker?

Good property management is all about the people. And, quite often, the thought of losing friendly and dependable site staff can make... more »

How to create a Contractors Charter for the benefit of your block

Whether you are self-managing your development or have appointed a managing agent, you need to work with contractors who you can trust... more »

Flight without the fight

Is it time to give leaseholders a new and non-adversarial route to replacing their managing agent? Ian Hollins of Clear Building... more »

All-inclusive pricing for property management

Cost is always an important factor in choosing a managing agent but basing your decision purely on price can be dicey, as an initial... more »

Embracing change – the power is in your hands!

At Clear Building Management we talk to lots of RMC directors and leaseholders who are keen to replace their managing agent but feel... more »

Escaping poor service

Making the break to change your managing agent takes confidence, so what should you be looking for to ensure a better property management... more »

Tackling claims frequency: how a proactive approach can pay dividends

Ian Hollins of Clear Building Management offers advice to leaseholders and RMC directors struggling with spiralling insurance costs. Claims... more »

How much are you paying for your property management?

Ian Hollins from Clear Building Management investigates this thorny issue. For leaseholders and RMC directors looking to switch managing... more »

Choose your agent well!

Compliance and credit control are more important than ever says David Clark of Mainstay In tougher times it is to be expected that... more »

Out of the frying pan and into the fire

Ian Hollins explains how to change managing agent without getting burnt. The company that’s currently managing your building... more »

How to choose the right agent for your block

It is best to approach at least three Managing Agents. Throughout the UK  there are varying types of Agent, some smaller offering... more »

The most successful outsourcing is always about partnership

When resident leaseholders become directors of a residents' management company, buy the freehold or become a right to manage company,... more »

What statutory requirements should your Managing Agent be aware of?

The Managing Agent employed will need to be fully aware of the requirements of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended by the... more »

Managing complex developments

There’s a change afoot in our cities which is set to transform apartment living for our customers and promote a shift for us... more »

Could smart management add value to your block

Anthony Tokatly from JJ Homes is sometimes asked by residents why it is necessary to move forward with major works in accordance... more »

Flat owners to get better protection from ‘rogue’ agents

Thanks to an amendment to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill tabled by Housing Minister Mark Prisk prior to enactment of the... more »

Managing a mixed-tenure block

Managing mixed-tenure blocks can be tricky but according to Dean Cooper keeping the peace is all down to good communication With the... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Management Fees

SUMMARY As a trade association for managing agents, ARMA does not set, recommend or give any guidance on fee levels or market rates... more »