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What insurance does a Residents' Management Company need?

Residential Buildings Insurance

Before the worst happens and you need to make a claim, Flat Living’s essential guide to insurance will help you check that you have the right cover in place.

Residents’ Management Company (RMC) directors and committee members often take on the task of arranging buildings insurance on behalf of their fellow residents. Ensuring your block is adequately covered is a major responsibility – and ensuring a competitive price as well as comprehensive protection for leaseholders’ property can be quite a challenge.

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What insurance does a Residents' Management Company need?

Residential Buildings Insurance Before the worst happens and you need to make a claim, Flat Living’s essential guide to insurance... more »

Residential Buildings Insurance

When you live in a flat the buildings insurance will either be arranged by the Residents Management Company (RMC) the Landlord, Freehold... more »

What does buildings insurance cover?

Belinda Thorpe, Managing Director of Residentsline tell us what we need to know Did you know the average claim for a burst pipe... more »

Buildings Insurance  What you need to know

John Ward is the Managing Director of Insight Property Consultancy who provide a diverse range of service to the property... more »

Is your insurance policy adequate for the needs of your block?

Managing Director of Residentsline, Belinda Thorpe demystifies the different areas of insurance. Before the worst happens... more »

Your checklist for insurance small print

The devil is in the detail Insuring a block of flats or a building converted into flats is very different to insuring other types... more »

The benefits of a specialist insurance broker

Recent research found that Residents’ Management, Right to Manage Companies and Resident’s Associations preferred the... more »

Insurance for Let Flats

Products to consider if you are a Landlord: Deposit Replacement   Although requesting a cash deposit when you take on a... more »

How can I keep my insurance costs down?

That dreaded time comes round when you have received your insurance renewal quote through your post box… have you ever considered... more »

The importance of the correct property valuation

Don't forget to regularly check that your sum insured is adequate to cover major damage to your block. In recent years and as reported... more »

Insuring the uninsurable

Unable to obtain flood insurance for your block? Paul Robertson has a solution. Last month I explored the problems experienced... more »

The Reasonableness of Insurance Premiums

By Mark Loveday, barrister at Tanfield Chambers and a judge of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber), and Ibraheem Dulmeer, solicitor... more »

What can I do if I wish to obtain a copy of the insurance policy from my landlord?

Advice from Karen Bright, Partner at Bishop & Sewell It is often a requirement in a lease for the landlord to maintain a... more »


Possibly one of the most controversial subjects in flats insurance is the issue of commission and to whom it is payable. It... more »

Paying the price of uninsured perils

Paul Robertson explains how finding your block is unable to insure against perils such as flood can affect your service charge. The... more »

Overlooked Insurance Products

Belinda Thorpe, Managing Director of Residentsline provides us with what we need to know about these sometimes overlooked insurance... more »

Protect yourself with the right Insurance protection

Nowhere to hide. Just imagine for a moment how you would feel if, whilst fulfilling your duties as an RTM director, you are faced... more »

Insurance Disputes

Disputes regarding Insurance premiums happen regularly, and for a variety of reasons: Your insurance premium has increased Your... more »

Block Insurance is Not a Commodity

Paul Robertson, Managing Director of Midway Insurance and 1st Sure Flats explains With June fast approaching we can look forward... more »

Cyber Extortion and Freeholder Extortion

In May we saw remarkable and disturbing events that many will wish to forget. Firstly the cyber-attack using ransomware that crippled... more »

20 Shades of Flats Insurance  Understanding the grey areas

I am delighted to share an extract from my new book which illustrates how difficult can be to understand the regulatory framework.... more »

UK Insurers in Financial Crisis  Insolvency Looms

Paul Robertson, Managing Director of Midway Insurance and 1st Sure Flats explains Like me you may have left school believing... more »

Residentsline's advice on staying adequately insured

Unsure about the different methods used to protect your insurance policy from inflation?  We talk to Managing Director of Residentsline,... more »

Theft in Paradise - A real example of cyber crime

Paul Robertson, Managing Director of Midway Insurance and 1st Sure Flats tells of his recent experience. Probably the last thing... more »

What policy excess should you choose?

Normally excess options will be offered, when you obtain and insurance quotation for your block. An excess is the first part of a claim... more »

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Reading through articles in property magazines you are often prompted to review your insurance coverage to ensure you have sufficient... more »

Have you decided against Directors & Officers Liability Insurance?

Belinda Thorpe, Managing Director of Residentline, looks at why Directors and Officer Liability Insurance should be considered. Directors... more »

Getting the best from your broker

As a homeowner, taking out the right level of buildings and contents insurance is important. Therefore, as a director of a Residents’... more »

How is your premium calculated?

You probably wonder when you ring around to review your insurance premium why you are given so many different premiums, for the same... more »

Employers Liability

Employers Liability - are you sure we don’t employ anyone? It’s a question probably posed at many Residents’ Management... more »

Engineering insurance and why your block needs it

Paul Robertson uncovers the background to engineering insurance and explains why your block needs it Arguably Insurance companies... more »

Lift Inspection and Insurance

It is a legal requirement for lifts to be inspected by a competent person. Lifts would include passenger lifts, window cleaning hoists... more »

Machinery Breakdown insurance

If your premises contain lifts and/or boilers and/or electrical or electronic machinery, cover is available to protect your Residents'... more »

To VAT or not to VAT?

Managing Director of Residentsline, Belinda Thorpe, investigates this important question. All Residents’ Management Companies... more »

Insurance speak explained

ACT OF GOD An event occurring without human involvement and which could not reasonably have been forseen or avoided, defined in Nugent... more »

Cyber Threats

Paul Robertson looks at Cyber Threats. These caused losses in the UK of £11 Billion last year. Whilst insurance is available... more »

Video Terrorism Insurance

Terrorism has become an everyday occurrence. Today, somewhere in the world, an act of terrible violence is likely to be committed.... more »

Leaseholders Left To Sink Or Swim

Millions of homeowners living in areas at risk of flooding will face long term misery if the government presses ahead with plans to... more »

Terrorism - not necessarily the obvious threat

Tempting, isn’t it, when considering renewal of your residential buildings insurance, to leave out terrorism cover. It may seem... more »

The Insurance Act will it affect you?

The Insurance Act 2015 introduced a number of reforms to the law that governs non-consumer insurance contracts and received Royal Assent... more »

Video - The Insurance Act

Paul Robertson briefly explains the most significant change to insurance legislation in over 100 years.  The Insurance Act replaces... more »

How do we make sure we have the correct sum insured

The quality of your insurance cover is paramount, but the next most important matter is the accuracy of the buildings sum insured. As... more »

Rebuilding costs - what do they really mean

Many insurance products for flats and apartments in the UK have evolved over the last twenty years, originally designed by insurers... more »

Terrorism Insurance - who wins?

Paul Robertson explains the recent changes to terrorism policies The last time significant changes were made to terrorism insurance... more »

Adequacy of sum insured

Rebuilding costs – what do they really mean? Many insurance products for flats and apartments in theUKhave evolved over the... more »

Is your block under insured?

Getting What You Pay For Lorna Harrington takes a look at some frequently overlooked aspects of block insurance that will impact on... more »

Don't fall in to the VAT trap

If you have to make a major claim against your buildings insurance, VAT will be an important aspect of the rebuild cost, explains Roger... more »

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Belinda Thorpe investigates the risks to RMC Directors Those who serve on a Residents' Management Company (RMC), Right to Manage (RTM)... more »

Lessees' fixtures and improvements

A new Insurance cover for blocks of flats and apartments has hit the Uk in 2012. “Lessees Fixtures and Improvements”... more »

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

As a Director of a Residents’Management Company (RMC), you place your trust and faith in your Committee members and employees.... more »

Voluntary Workers cover

It is quite common for a Residents’ Management Company to enlist the assistance of unpaid voluntary workers to perform daily... more »

Flooding  are you at risk?

The insurance bill for damage caused by floods so far this winter will reach £1.3bn, but are you covered and what should you... more »

What is Entity Cover?

Entity Cover is normally an extension to your Directors & Officers Liability Insurance policy. Entity Cover is taken out to protect... more »

Water Damage

Have you ever looked at your insurance renewal documents to find your Buildings premium has risen well beyond inflation? Often... more »

Home Emergency Cover

MaintenanceLine has been delivered by Cunningham Lindsey offering emergency assistance on behalf of managing agents, landlords and... more »

Dealing with out of hours emergencies

If a pipe bursts in the middle of the night in a block of flats, it’s likely that an anxious lessee will call his or her managing... more »

Inflation protection. What is the difference between Index Linking and Day One

There are two main methods used by Insurers to protect policyholders from the effect of inflation during the period of cover –... more »

How to handle frozen pipe emergencies

A frozen pipe is an emergency, because this will cause it to burst causing thawed water to come pouring from the break. The following... more »

Legal duties when employing contractors

A lack of control of contractors can and does lead to many accidents and injuries not only to contractors employees, but also the other... more »

The risk to flats from flood water

From flooding to burst pipes and from faulty Christmas tree lights to forgotten candles, the winter can be fraught with danger for... more »

ARMA Advisory Note - Insurance

In this Advice Note, well take a look at your legal rights when it comes to insuring your block. Well also explain the different sorts... more »