About your lease

What is a lease?

If you were to strip back all the case law and legislation that now is in front of us, and that contributes to a seemingly insurmountable... more »

What is a leasehold flat?

Most flats in the UK are Leasehold. Present property law in England and Wales requires that flats be leasehold, although some are... more »

What are leaseholders responsibilities?

Your responsibilities as a leaseholder will be fully determined by your lease. Leases are often difficult to interpret so if you are... more »

Understanding Your Lease

When you buy a property there are two main ways that this is done, freehold and leasehold. In the majority of cases when you buy a... more »

What are landlords responsibilities?

The fully updated Code is approved by the Secretary of State for England under the terms of section 87 of the Leasehold Reform, Housing... more »

Lessees Rights to Information

Many leaseholders may not even know who their Landlord is. Every demand for ground rent or service charges must include the name and... more »

Leasehold terms explained

Confused by jargon? If so, here is SLC Solicitor’s A-Z (less a few letters) of legal terms.   A Assignment Another... more »

Why do we need a Lease?

In any event, the job of the residential lease, no matter who or what the parties are, is to provide a framework under which security... more »

What is a freeholder?

A freeholder is normally a company or a person which owns the freehold of the building. You will own your flat or apartment on a lease,... more »

What is share of freehold?

Owning a share of the freehold occurs when your Residents’ Management Company has gone through collective enfranchisement to... more »

How much is your lease worth?

Katie Cohen explains why flat owners should make sure they understand the implications of lease length Flat owners do not always appreciate... more »

What can I do if I wish to obtain a copy of the insurance policy from my landlord?

Advice from Karen Bright, Partner at Bishop & Sewell It is often a requirement in a lease for the landlord to maintain... more »

Ground Rents

Ground rents have always been a feature of leasehold life in England and Wales. Although something of an historic anomaly - (there... more »

Tripartite leases in practice

DID THE POWER BALANCE REALLY SHIFT? As we saw in the last article, during the mid-1980’s developers knew the balance of power... more »

Where is my lease?

When you purchased your flat or apartment you should have been given a copy of your lease by your conveyancer. If you have a mortgage... more »

How do I obtain a copy lease?

If you need a copy lease and you have a mortgage on your property a copy can usually be obtained from your mortgage lender. Alternatively... more »

What is a head lease

The head lease is the document from which all leases were granted for the flats and apartments in your block. more »

What is a tripartite lease?

POWER TO LEASEHOLDERS: IT’S ALL IN THE STRUCTURE…. During the mid-1980’s the way in which flats inEnglandandWaleswere... more »

Rights, obligations and consequences

Management companies’ duty under the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 has been to provide leaseholders with a summary... more »

Forfeiture of your lease

What is forfeiture? Almost every lease of a residential flat will contain a provision within it which allows the landlord to enter... more »

Is your lease fit for purpose?

Yashmin Mistry explains how to apply to the FTT for a Variation Order Many leases are, by any objective view, defective.  Common... more »

What happens at the end of a lease term?

If you have a leasehold flat, you do NOT have ownership of it. What you have purchased is the right to rent your flat or apartment... more »

Licence for Alterations - the Why's and What's?

Yashmin Mistry, Partner at JPC Law advises us about what a Licence to Alter is, and when and why we would need one. What is a Licence... more »

What do I need to consider when making alterations in my leasehold residential property?

Lease covenants Lease covenants about alterations usually fall into two categories, an absolute prohibition on alterations or a qualified... more »

What does the Government White Paper on Housing have to say about leasehold issues?

Does the Government White Paper on ‘Fixing Our Broken Housing Market’ involve fixing leasehold? The Government has... more »

The Crown Estate  New Leases in Crown Land

The Crown Estate holds the freehold to a significant number of properties that are subject to residential leases. Leaseholders who... more »

 Short-term letting: an update on Nemcova v Fairfield Rents Ltd [2016] UKUT 303 (LC)

When considering letting out your property on a short-term basis, the starting point should always be to thoroughly read the terms... more »

What happens if your Landlord goes bust !!!

“Bricks and Mortar! Nothing is as secure as an investment in property!  Safe as Houses!” Such sage words of advice... more »

Ways to be a great Leaseholder

Living in a leasehold flat can be just as pleasant as in a house if neighbours respect the need to consider each other when living... more »

How can the First-tier Tribunal help us?

The First-tier Tribunal (FTT) is an independent body who review varying leasehold disputes and problems. The FTT requires an application... more »