Decorating tips to help sell your flat

Be realistic – if your  property price drops then the price of the property you are planning to  buy will also drop in proportion. For a quicker sale try to ensure your  property is marketed at a sensible price.


Make sure your property stands out  – kerb appeal is very important even with flats. The front of your  block should look as inviting as possible. Try to ensure that communal  areas stay free of clutter and potential hazards. Communal areas are an  extension to your living area and communal areas that are clean, well  decorated and look inviting will please potential purchasers.

Communal fencing, bin stores and  gardens should look tidy and well maintained. External and internal  lighting should be bright and in good working order.

Purchasers of leasehold flats and apartments will be put off by the thought that the property is being poorly managed.


De clutter.   To maximise the look of space start by de cluttering. Box as much as  you can up to clear surfaces of clutter. Try to de personalise, for  example, keeping family pictures or collections to a minimum. Viewers  will want to see themselves living in your flat – which is hard to do  with too many personal items on view.

Neutral Colours.  To appeal to as many viewers as possible. Imagine having 10 prospective  buyers in your house and your rooms are painted in loud colours or  decoration that looks unmaintained. You may get 5 % who have the same  taste in colour and 5% that are not scared to redecorate – but what  about the others – will they be put off? Painting your flat or apartment  in neutral colours is one of the most effective ways of adding value

Fix all outstanding repairs.  Fix the leaking tap, patch the holes in the wall, clean the grout and  replace cracked tiles. Make viewers think they have little to do when  they move in.

Put excess furniture in storage.  Almost every flat will have furniture that is excess to requirement and  can be put into storage to make the rooms in your flat seem larger.

Rearrange your rooms.  The more floor space a viewer can see the better. This is another  psychological factor and the more floor space a viewer can see the  bigger they think the room is.

Clean.  Many viewers are put of when viewing an unclean flat. Clean all your  windows thoroughly, clean sinks and toilets, and before viewings open  all windows to let fresh air into the flat, put clean colourful towels  out and most important hide any dirty washing.

Let the light in. Open curtains and blinds to their maximum. This will let a lot more light in and make a flat feel more airy and spacious.