Rent Guarantee

Rent Guarantee is a practical addition to protect Landlords. It provides cover for landlords towards any unpaid rent. So, should a landlord find themselves in a position where rent is overdue for at least one month, your Rent Guarantee protection will shoulder the cost to ensure the landlord is paid the full sum. Their policy will also pay the landlord the value of one months’ half-rent for a subsequent three months if the property is damaged and cannot be immediately re-let.

Towards the end of tenancy, it goes without saying that all parties involved would prefer tenancy cessation to go smoothly. However, there are many occasions where this simply is not the case -conflict can arise over issues such as property damage, rent payments and even repossession of the property. Residentsline’s policy with Legal Protection Group is tailored to cover you against these conflicts, no matter how challenging the situation may be. Should there be difficulty when repossessing the property; Legal Protection Group will provide the landlord with cover for up to £175 per day towards the cost of their alternative accommodation, plus £15 a day towards the cost of storing their possessions. They will also provide legal expenses cover for rent recovery, property damage, and alleged breaches of contract, eviction, legal nuisance and trespass disputes. And, should these disputes reach the court, Residentsline will even cover the value of lost salaries for the time taken off work. For such a small annual sum, this policy provides impressively comprehensive cover.

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