Your Eyes and Ears in Property Maintenance

Darren Waitson, CEO and Founder at Nirvana reflects on why relying on your property maintenance team has never been so important.

Relying on your property maintenance team has never been so important.

The entire incident of Grenfell Tower is one of the reasons why building maintenance and property management has become the subject of scrutiny, with political and campaigning organisation working hard to keep it at the forefront of the news.

After the fire, building owners and property managers were quickly forced to focus on every detail of their properties, with cladding surveys happening everywhere. Some even expressed concerns about the lack of experts in fire defence within property maintenance.

Having the highest standards of health and safety became even more of a focus than ever before with publications such as the Hackett Report ‘Building a Safer Future’ being significantly publicised and important.

As laws and practices develop it is the responsibility of property maintenance and property managers to not only listen carefully to leaseholders but to address all concerns and put people first.

In the future, building managers and their property maintenance teams need to move beyond the basics and hone in on transparency, communication and building confidence with residents.

The team at Nirvana have extensive experience in building maintenance and specifically working with property managers, RMC’s and RTM’s alike. We value the importance of building relations and see ourselves as our clients and customers ‘eyes and ears’ whilst onsite. It is paramount that clear and effective communication is provided at all times, not just when disaster happens.

Property maintenance teams across the country should be proactive when it comes to communication. They shouldn’t be focused solely on the job at hand but instead assist their clients by detailing any other issues found whilst onsite. This can range from identifying a fire door not closing properly, rubbish stored in the communal space or aesthetic damage caused by a leak. The industry shouldn’t wait for leaseholders to highlight these defects or at worse, when it is all too late.

I would love to know your thoughts on how Grenfell has impacted your business and how you have had to change or adapt. Even over a year on, this incident is still a topic which is changing the industry and shaping the future of property management and building maintenance.

Darren Waitson is CEO & Founder at Nirvana, experts in property maintenance including fire defence and electrical maintenance.

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Reviewed: July 2019