Safety, Technology and Property Management

This month Katie Mooney from 4site Consulting explains how 4site have developed technology to assist property managers and RMCs.

Technology continues to impact and change the way we manage property, and in the most part, this has been positive. Typically, the progression and increased use of technology within Residential Property has been developed to improve efficiencies and reduce time consuming tasks. Technology within the property management industry can be used in a variety of ways, and software for managing safety is no exception.

At 4site Consulting, we have developed technology aimed at assisting those responsible for managing property with the health and safety management of their sites. And provide this free to all those who use our services.

Our Website: Client Portal

The 4site consulting website has been carefully designed by our in-house IT team of Software Developers. Not only does the website include details of our services, our blogs and our contact page, it is also home to our client portal for the property professionals who use our services. 4site’s dedicated client portal aims to assist property professionals in their everyday work life by giving them access and control of their various safety reports. Clients are able to interact with and manage their reports, check their compliance score, view their properties and view what assessments have been undertaken at these properties. In addition to this, users have access to a library full of useful content in relation to health and safety requirements within the property industry. Some key features of this portal are;

Compliance Score
The Compliance Score is an especially popular aspect of our website. Marked out of 100, the compliance score is generated as the closest indicator to the health and safety performance of a managed property portfolio. The overall score is created as a result of each property’s individual compliance score; which is based on the data we have been provided with and have collected as a result of engaging with our service. The overall compliance score is clearly broken down and explained by a list of negative and positive aspects, providing a myriad of tools to assist with correcting any negatives.

“Clients can use the website to view their compliance score – which creates a visual benchmark to improve upon in order to comply [with health and safety law]. This is a lot less mundane than just telling clients what they need to do to comply.” – Scott Masters, Software Development Apprentice @ 4site Consulting Ltd

Report Management
Arguably the most important aspect of the website, is that it can be used for clients to manage their reports. The online portal allows the user to action and note against points within their report. In many cases, legal non-compliances, where documentation may be required, can be actioned and this documentation uploaded onto the portal also (which doubles as a great tool for storing all of the documentation in relation to the site, in one place).

Site Inspections
Anybody who is responsible for the management of a communal area in a property will know that they need to conduct regular visits and inspections of their sites with evidence of this recorded and retained. We have therefore designed a section of the website dedicated to booking, completing and recording site inspections. Its free for any of our clients to use, and comes with its own android application for using on site!

Site Inspection App

The Site Inspection App is a free to use tool designed for our clients as an extension of the 4site website. The App allows property professionals who carry out site inspections to record their inspection, logging any required actions and capturing associated photos. The need to carry around a laptop is becoming less common, since many of the same applications can be accessed via phones and tablets. The Site Inspection App is beneficial in this way since the inspection will not have to be written by hand or on a laptop, and instead can be carried out via a hand-held device.

“We’ve developed this with Property Professionals in mind and its use will have a double-edged benefit; our clients safety management responsibilities are simpler to comply with and so we can then report positively on this when visiting their properties” – Andrew Bull, Client Services Manager @ 4site Consulting Ltd

Safe4site – Watch this Space!

Safe4site is a trading name of 4site Consulting and its sole purpose is to ensure contractors hold relevant safe systems of work, ensuring they are safe to be working on your property. Approved contractors are continually monitored to ensure their documentation, insurances and memberships are in date and that they remain compliant. Excitingly, our in-house IT team are currently working on developing a new Safe4site website, which mirrors the 4site portal and provides a smoother and more efficient service for instructing contractors directly to complete report items.

“The approval process aims to be easier and simpler in allowing contractors to manage their orders and get in touch with property managers.” – Sara Walsh, Logistics & Service Delivery Manager @ 4site Consulting Ltd

Marketing: Social Media

Communication is key to spreading any message pertaining to good Safety Management, and the most effective tool for spreading this message is Social Media. 4site have active pages on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and aim to share an engaging mix of informative content from both ourselves and professionals within the industry. Our social media platforms have quickly become a key way to share industry knowledge and educate those responsible for health and safety within their managed property. Feel free to follow us on Twitter @4siteConsulting to benefit from this yourself.

The rapid development of technology and Social Media has changed the ways in which we work, communicate and personalise the experience of those using our services and have helped us provide a more efficient operation as a result. Ultimately, the 4site Consulting web portal and Site Inspection App has been designed with the purpose of assisting property professionals with the ongoing health and safety management of their sites. By providing these to our clients for free, we hope they can be easily adopted and engaged with them which should accelerate them towards the ultimate goal, which is achieving compliance.

Katie Mooney is a Social Media Executive at 4site Consulting who provide independent residential and commercial assessments and surveys for owners and managers of property.

Reviewed: July 2019