New Year Property Goals

Darren Waitson, CEO and Founder at Nirvana Maintenance looks at kickstarting your year to meet your property management goals.

From productivity to marketing to work-life balance, setting resolutions within property can be a great way to kickstart a new year and meet all your property management goals…

Here are some of my suggestions.

Work Smarter

Why not begin prioritising your workload by impact rather than urgency? You could schedule in your key priorities that add most value first, then focus on filling the remaining time with other tasks.

There are some techniques you can use to work smarter in 2019:

Time Blocking Technique
Allocate blocks of time at the beginning of each workday and another at the end of it to communicate with your clients. Use this time to talk on the phone, check your messages, emails and so on.

You can assign a longer period of time to work on certain projects. You may notice that by having a specific schedule when possible you can improve performances.

Use The ‘To-Do Matrix’
Imagine a box which is divided into quarters. The bottom half is labelled unimportant while the top half is important. The right half is non-urgent and the left half is urgent. Every time you receive a task, assign it to one of the quarters.

You've probably heard of SMART goals before, but by using this you can reduce your workload and avoid problems with poor management and task assignment. Make sure every task is SMARTER and you may see the difference:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Actionable
  • Realistic
  • Timely
  • Ethical
  • Recorded

Post Consistently on Social Media

By focusing your attention on your social media and content strategy in the New Year you could increase brand awareness, engage potential clients and even generate some leads. Why not make this year the year to get creative, run some competitions, post testimonials, share some property expertise and even collaborate with thought leaders.

Your new year resolution could be to scrub up that LinkedIn account. Why not invest in a new headshot, optimise your account and try and use a great social strategy to your business advantage.

Boost Productivity

You can boost productivity with a lending hand from certain pieces of technology. It is possible to achieve more in less time if you allow a bit of assistance and learn some new hacks. Why not try:

  • Automating where possible - Automation can not only reduce human error, but it can also boost productivity, saving time and money. As a property manager, this can free your time up to focus on relationships and growing your portfolio instead. Try chatbots, virtual assistants or even property management software systems that have built-in automation. This can be helpful for data entry, reconciliation and disbursements.
  • Follow the 20-20-20 Rule - Every 20 minutes, spend 20 seconds looking 20 feet (about 6 metres) away from your computer. This can give you a chance to readjust to natural light and ensures extra productivity for longer.
  • Use The Cloud - There are numerous benefits to cloud storage including time and cost savings, greater flexibility, easier collaboration and increased security. You can access your data while on the move, while on a job, at an open house or even during an inspection.

Reach out Locally

You've heard of shopping locally to support your communities, well why not reaching out locally to form mutually beneficial partnerships locally? For example, you could host an event at a local venue, cafe/restaurant and they could help provide a discount for your business or help promote the event. This could be a great opportunity for brand awareness for both sides of the agreement and could deepen your relationships within the community.

Adopt Tech

Make sure you are ahead of the curve for 2019. Keep on top of upcoming tech trends and the tools and apps which will help you the most in the upcoming year. If you are in the know, you could streamline your processes and do more with less.

Here are just a few which I've heard in the sector lately:

  • Blockchain - Some properties have already been sold using blockchain, only in the US, but keep your eyes and ears open to see how it may impact property management in 2019.
  • Augmented Reality and VR - This tech could allow a property to be open for inspection 24/7 and allow agents to save time and money while increasing efficiency. For brokers and developers, it may also mean showcasing potential within a property in an unfinished space.
  • Big Data - In property, big data could mean using a CRM that knows when a lead visits your site or listing and then collecting data. You can utilise big data to help predict the need for services or could use a hand with their property management.

The Little Things Count

Your New Year goals don't have to be huge. The little things can, in fact, make the biggest difference.

  • Security - Step up your security game in 2019, implement two-factor authentication, strong passwords and update your software. Not only could it make your systems much more efficient and safe but it will give you and your team a piece of mine.
  • Invest in Yourself - Read up on your industry news, listen to podcasts or spend a few minutes a day keeping up to date with market trends.
  • Student Mentality - Use this year to constantly learn about new legislation, best practices and property trends. Subscribe to blogs, great LinkedIn groups, follow appropriate influencers on LinkedIn and enrol in training and development courses.

Be Proactive

A great way to be proactive in 2019 is to jot down all the things you want to achieve in the year. Break these down into steps you will need to do to achieve each goal. Whether it's something as simple as wanting to lead a healthier life or gaining a better work-life balance or communicate with your clients more, progress often starts with clarification and baby steps.


Never forget to take time out for yourself and the things you enjoy outside of working hours. We are all only human and you need to keep self-care and family time at the top of your priority list too. 2019 can bring lots of success, health and happiness, but you can't help anyone else if you don't help yourself first.

Darren Waitson, CEO & Founder at Nirvana Maintenance, experts in property maintenance including fire defence and electrical maintenance.

Reviewed: July 2019